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7 Easy Tips for Headshot with CG15 Weapon in Free Fire

Well, this is what FF players have been waiting for. How not this weapon is very unique and can be said to have 2 weapon modes. That is like an SMG weapon and like a sniper weapon

How come?

yes lah hehehe the name also likes the one who made it

so this time I will describe the understanding, advantages, features and TIPS of using CG15 Weapons!

7 Tips for Using CG15 Free Fire Weapons

The advantage of this weapon is its design which Cool and can be in 2 shooting modes

so the first mode of CG15 weapons is like other SMG weapons, the damage is like P90, MP5, etc

While in the second mode, this weapon has damage up to 180, but you must be in scope mode, then hold/press and wait for this weapon to charge to 100% (about 3 seconds) to be released to the enemy

I just termed this second mode as “Sniper Mode” because it has the same nature as a sniper and to make it easier for you to understand this article.

if you hit the head, the enemy will die automatically

but this weapon causes confusion in the hearts of free fire players

“It’s a beautiful design! I thought it was AR, it turned out to be SMG”

“SMG weapon but how come the damage can be up to 180s??

Because this weapon is quite OK to use, then I will present tips when using CG15 weapons in free fire

1. Use the Mode Correctly

So, in this CG15 weapon, there are 2 modes that I have explained above, so the tips for using this weapon are the most basic, namely that you have to understand and know the right time to use the modes in this CG15 weapon.

For close range, you can use modes like SMG. As for the medium-long distance you can use modes like Sniper

for a discussion and how to use a mode like the sniper, you can see the video from the following Kulgar channel

2. Aim to the head

CG15 sniper mode

when in sniper mode, you have to hold the fire button and then wait for an indication of 100% then you can shoot.

The advantage is that the damage can reach more than 180.

I highly recommend that you aim for the head (Headshot) when using this mode. How not, the damage can kill the enemy quickly

you can read the effective way of Headshot on the Latest Free Fire

3. Combination of Sniper Mode with SMG Mode

It’s really difficult for you beginners who want to headshot using this CG15 weapon

Because of what? yaaaa in this sniper mode there is no AIM Assist. So you have to direct the crosshair manually without the help of this Aim Assist

But there is an alternative…

You can shoot using sniper mode by aiming it at the enemy’s body. after that you shoot / breed using SMG mode

so enemies whose blood is reduced a lot due to sniper mode shots, can then be killed using SMG mode

4. Complete the Attachments

CG15 attachments

I always recommend that you always complete all attachments on each weapon.

Now in this CG15 weapon, you can only use the “Magazine” attachment or increase the capacity of the bullet.

Even if that’s all, the more bullets that can be accommodated, the greater the chance to kill the enemy

5. Don’t Get Too Preoccupied with Sniper Mode

when you want to shoot, this weapon takes 3 seconds to charge its power.

other than having to wait, I already said that to target the enemy using this weapon is rather difficult. thus allowing a lot of bullets that Miss. If you use the Headshot Free fire setting, maybe the enemy will die quickly

Well, when you miss shooting enemies a lot, don’t be stuck with that situation. You must always be aware of your surroundings.

who knows when you hold the fire button, at that time the enemy will target you

so stay alert

6. calm down

Shooting using sniper mode on this CG15 weapon really needs concentration and calm

If you are nervous, you must have missed a lot of bullets. so that what happens is that the enemy does not die, but you are killed by another enemy (because they are targeted by the enemy who knows your whereabouts through the sound of gunfire)

if you calm down, you will be able to shoot the enemy properly so that the enemy quickly dies

7 Combine with AR

The CG15 weapon has uses at close, medium, and long range. Even so, I don’t think this weapon is very suitable for medium range use

The solution, you can combine it with AR weapons. This AR weapon functions to fight enemies at medium range

so it’s complete, close distance is okay, medium is okay, especially long distance..

Those are 7 tips for using CG15 weapons that I can convey. Hopefully these tips are useful for all of you

good luck

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