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6 Ways to Overcome Black Screen, Blinking, Force Close PPSSPP

PPSSPP is a psp emulator etc on android so you can play PSP games on android easily. This emulator is very popular among mobile gamers today. However, there are often obstacles when you want to play PPSSPP games. For example, black screen, blinking, force close etc. So, here’s how to deal with black screens etc on PPSSPP

When we want to play PPSSPP GTA games (for example), it will definitely be fun. but sometimes problems arise so you can’t feel the game.

What is a black screen in PPSSPP?

when you want to play the PPSSPP Game but the screen is black (but the controls are still there). Well it’s called a black screen. This is due to HP rendering problems

What is Flickering Screen in PPSSPP?

the case is the same. When you want to play PPSSPP games but your screen even blinks quickly. This is because the game settings may be in error

Meanwhile, what is Force close in PPSSPP?

So force close is a situation where the game exits itself without automatically. this can be caused by many things, it could be because your HP specs are not good

I understand?

How to overcome these three things so that we can play PPSSPP games smoothly? Well this time, we want to share with you how to overcome these three things

In the previous article, we discussed how to set PPSSPP so it doesn’t lag + clear sound. Now for those of you who often encounter the above problems such as Black screen, flickering, and force close on PPSSPP, you can read the tutorial below.

This article will be divided into 3 parts. That is to solve the blackscreen problem, fix the flickering problem and the FC problem.

A. Overcoming PPSSPP Black screen

fix black screen ppsspp

As explained above, the black screen or black screen is very annoying. This black screen problem often occurs. But with the method below you can handle it easily

There are 3 ways. Please try first which one is suitable

Method 1 – Overcoming Black Screen

  • Open your PPSSPP
  • Go to settings > Display
  • Change the mode to “buffered rendering” or “non buffered”
  • If it’s still Black screen, change the mode from “buffered rendering” to “non buffered” or it could be otherwise

Method 2 – Overcoming Black Screen

Here are the settings in the Display section:

  • Settings Rendering : OpenGL + Buffered Rendering
  • Frame skipping : Off
  • Rendering Resolution Becomes 2x

Method 3 – Overcoming Black Screen

How to overcome the PPSSPP black screen can be done by: Reinstall the PPSSPP app. It could be that the PPSSPP application that you are using, the file is corrupt, so you have to delete and then download the PPSSPP application again

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B. How to Overcome PPSSPP Blinking

force close ppsspp

To overcome the flickering screen in PPSSPP is very easy. You can follow the settings below

  • Go to Settings
  • Look in the Controls Framerate (Framerate Control) in the section Chart
  • Press the setting called “Skip Frame” or (Frameskipping)
  • Then change it to Off (Off)
  • finish

A little extra. You can also set the Mode in the graphics settings to “buffered rendering”

After that, try playing the PPSSPP game and feel the difference. Maybe setting “buffered rendering” will reduce game speed. But this method is powerful enough to overcome this annoying thing

C. Overcoming PPSSPP Force Close

wink wink ppsspp

The cause of the force close could be because the specs, system, settings, etc. are not quite right. So that when you play or enter the game it will cause FC which of course makes you irritated. You need to know. To overcome the force close in PPSSPP there are several ways.

Method 1 – Overcoming Force Close

this is a way to overcome Force close by optimizing things that are not related to PPSSPP.

You know, the cause of the force close is one of them due to inadequate HP specs. It could also be because the processor and RAM are congested. For that you can free up processor and ram you first before playing the PPSSPP Game. You can read the method here

In addition, force close can also be due to corrupt game files as well. For that, you can overcome it by uninstall and then reinstall the PPSSPP application so that the corrupted file can be lost

Method 2 – Overcoming Force Close

This method is related to PPSSPP. Just go straight to the way

  • Go to Settings
  • Select system
  • Uncheck the “multi thread” and “I/O on thread” sections
  • done

Well then feel the difference. Frequent force closes will disappear. But if you still feel force close, you can add the following advanced settings. That is, uncheck the “Fast Memoryt” in the system section

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well that’s how to solve the black screen, flickering, force close in PPSSPP. It’s an exciting thing, the fun will be lost if there are problems like this one

May be useful

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