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6 Tips to be good at playing the game to get the top score

Just released a game that is very viral on social media in the new year. Playing this game is a lot to talk about for Android and iOS users. Just out on the internet, this game immediately became vital and was invaded by gamers who were always curious.

Indeed, the name of the game, especially the very unique game will be very easy to attract fans. Moreover, playing which was previously popular with If described this game is simple but makes you addicted to play it.

6 Tips for Playing Worm

Played although simple, of course you have to have strategies and tricks so that your worms can be long and topscore. The more scores you eat, the longer the worm.

1. Follow the Giant Snake

play worm

At the beginning of the game, of course you still have a very short snake but has high agility. Of course, you can use this in this game to trap the snakes that are already big.

In the game devouring food will make the snake you play with longer. Eat as much as you can!

You can follow a snake big enough to trap. Keep in mind, when the snake is big it will be difficult to control. This can be used to trap with the shock technique.

2. Use Effective Boost

play worm

In playing the game there are features such as speeding up the speed of your snake. By using a boost, the snake’s walking speed increases 2x, bro. But it will reduce the length of your snake when using this feature.

Use Energy Boost to threaten your opponent. Effective by threatening the giant snake with Boost energy!

Use the boost as effective as possible to trap other snakes. You can even use boosts to compete in eating the abundant fruit produced by dead snakes.

3. The Snake Circling Technique in


This technique is a familiar technique in playing the game and the slither io game which has been famous for a long time, bro. This technique has the convenience but is very long in killing the snake.

Snakes that are killed will leave a very large amount of leftover food. Approach and eat from the food of dead snakes.

You need to pay attention to the length of your snake in using this technique. Is the length of your snake able to circle and trap other snakes or not. If not, you better undo your intention in using this technique. Play fun game tipsna circle smaller snakes.

4. Strategy Defense Game

play worm

When you are attacked or disturbed by your opponent, which makes you threatened, there is a defense strategy. This strategy requires precision in using it. Indeed, many who play the simple game use this technique.

You just need to roll your worm until your enemies stop attacking you or bothering you. This trick can reverse the situation, it might be your enemy who dies crashing into your body.

5. Keeping Worms

playing games

When there is food or fruit in abundance, of course, it becomes food to extend your snake. This food can be from playing the default game which is stored randomly or from the former of a dead snake that is of sufficient length.

You must be able to master the stage to speed up the length of your snake. Take care of your fruit if you find enough food gathered.

6. Play Relax, Don’t Be Too Lust!

play worm games

Nafus is indeed good in human life. But if you are too passionate then when you play the best game this will be a real boomerang for you. Top Score will probably be a fantasy.

When hunting for food, you have to be relaxed, thorough and careful. Because the longer your snake is, the more difficult and difficult the control will be. If it’s lust, instead of killing other snakes, you are koid.

The final word

Playing cool games is always fun and addictive. Even though the gameplay of this game is very simple, it is this curiosity that makes many who play it. Plus the prestige and ambition to be the top scorer is also one of the factors.

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