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6 Best PUBG Mobile Anti Lag Apps 1GB, 2GB RAM

PUBG Mobile is now a battle royale game with great graphics and lots of users. Everyone knows this game and has probably played it. But because this game is a bit heavy, you may need an anti-lag PUBG Mobile application which I will discuss below

The booming of PUBG Mobile is due to its predecessor or father, namely PUBG PC which is played by a lot of youtubers and even beats the booming of dota and CS:GO

6 PUBG Mobile Anti Lag Apps

The number of Indonesian people and the world who do not have a strong gaming PC to play this PUBG PC, so PUBG Mobile was born. But to play this PUBG Mobile game, you need a cellphone with the following specs

  • CPU: Quad-core
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Android: 6.1

if your HP is still limited to the minimum specs above, most of it will feel laggy.

If you want to overcome lag in PUBG Mobile, you can install and try the following PUBG Mobile anti-lag applications


gfx tool settings
version adapted to what you play

GFX tools is a PUBG Mobile anti-lag application that you can see the full tutorial on at the link below. This application is not complicated in appearance and the settings are also simple.

This application is suitable for those of you who have low-end cellphones or potato specs, both Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme et al. This GFX tool can reduce and even eliminate lag in your PUBG if the settings are suitable.

For setting the GFX tools setting, you can set it to the lowest one, so that PUBG Mobile will feel light on your cellphone.

For more details, you can read the Complete PUBG GFX Tool Settings tutorial

2. BAGT (Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool)

pubg bag settings
If it doesn’t work, you can edit it yourself

Quite a long name. Let’s just say BAGT. this is an application that is almost similar to GFX Tools because both can reduce or eliminate lag in your PUBG Mobile. Can reduce lag in PUBG whose HP is 1GB or 2 GB

This PUBG Mobile anti-lag application has almost the same settings as GFX Tools. With over 100 thousand downloads, this application is quite popular among PUBG Mobile games. However, there is a feature where in this BAGT there is a guide guide for weapons, etc. that can help you understand more about weapons in PUBG Mobile.

the same as GFX, you just need to set it to the lowest option, so PUBG will feel light on your cellphone.

Now for more details, you can read the tutorial Setting BAGT on PUBG Mobile

3. GL Tools

overcoming pubg lag

GL tools is an application whose function is to reduce game graphics to make it more friendly to your potato cellphone. actually the same function as the 2 applications above. But there are settings that are more advanced but effective

other than that, this application is able to overcome lag in both Mobile legends and free fire. So this application is very useful for HP potato RAM 1GB 2GB

With GL tools, it’s possible that your cellphone will run smoothly when playing PUBG Mobile. You can read the tutorial using GL tools + settings on PUBG Mobile, so you can get a bigger chance for chicken dinner

4. Game Booster

game booster

Next is the last PUBG Mobile anti lag application, there is an application called Game Booster. This application functions to close applications that are running in the background so that the CPU and RAM are more spacious.

CPU and RAM are important components when you play PUBG Mobile. If your CPU & RAM are relieved, you can also play PUBG smoothly. But if your CPU and RAM are narrow, it will definitely lag

for that if you want to play PUBG, try to always close applications that you don’t use. Or you can use Game Booster which you can download here

5. Greenify

greenify so that the cellphone runs smoothly

greenify is an application that may sound strange to your ears. Now this application serves to hibernate other applications that eat RAM and processor in the background

so that directly or indirectly, this will affect the smooth playing of PUBG. In addition to Android, this application can overcome Lag on the Iphone as well.

How effective is it? depending on the background app you stopped.

the more the better, but of course it will make the application performance sometimes not optimal. you can hibernate apps that consume high background resources only

Sometimes this application is often thought to have to use root access, however, this is not entirely true because ordinary cellphones (without root) can also use this application.

So how do you use greenify?

  1. Download Greenify
  2. Open the application and select “My device is NOT rooted”
  3. Then next
  4. Click the “+” icon in the upper right corner of this application
  5. Choose some applications that you think are burdensome on your cellphone, especially in the background
  6. after that click checklist / tick
  7. after that click the “zzz” icon then your application will hibernate

So, this way you can minimize the lag that occurs in the PUBG Mobile game

6. CCleaner

cellphone cleaner

actually this does not specialize in one application whose name is “CCleaner”, but this also applies to all applications that function to clean memory

So with a memory cleaner application, you can relieve gigabytes of garbage that has accumulated on your cellphone. besides that there is also a cache cache that is discarded which could be the cause of PUBG Mobile not running smoothly

You can download the CCleaner application for here

That’s the PUBG Mobile anti-lag application that I managed to summarize. The point is that the bigger the CPU and RAM, the lag in PUBG Mobile will disappear. Hope it’s useful

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