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6 AIM Pubg Mobile Apps Help You AUTO AIM & Headshot

Who doesn’t know PUBG Mobile? This cross-platform battle royal game is very popular, as is its mobile version, aka PUBG Mobile. This game is indeed fun and challenging, sometimes players need the AIM PUBG Mobile application.

With this PUBG Mobile AIM auto application, it will be easier for players to aim and shoot at enemies. Of course, this application can help players to increase their aim so that they can be right on target. If you are looking for a good PUBG AIM application recommendation, then you can listen to the review below.

6 PUBG Mobile AIM Apps

The AIM application will make it easier for players to measure shots, especially when they want to shoot while walking. Actually, in the game itself there is already a crosshair available, but some players complain about it, because it doesn’t always match their preferences or tastes.

The good news is that there are now many AIM applications for PUBG Mobile, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play. What’s this for? This application will help make players able to shoot right on target so they can win the match and get the winner winner chicken dinner on pubg mobile.

By using the following application, the crosshair will be more comfortable, so it can help you shoot with the right target. what application is it?

1. Flash Dog

pubg mobile auto aim app

The first PUBG Mobile AIM application recommendation is Flash Dog. Flash Dog itself is a very useful tool, especially for improving the accuracy of shots and shots. After using this application the accuracy of your shots will increase sharply and often win.

Although this application is not for AIM PUBG cheats, this application is quite petrified because it makes it easier for players to take shots. For your information, using the app is 100% legal. You don’t have to worry about your PUBG Mobile account being blocked after using this application.

Besides being able to costom aim, this application can also be used as PUBG Mobile GFX Tools, which can overcome lag on your cellphone. Not only that, there is also a loot location & item information feature in PUBG Mobile. So you can get good loot, and can get information from items in pubg

2. Crosshair Hero

custom crosshair app

Looking for a small PUBG Mobile AIM application? Maybe you can try using Crosshair Hero. Yes, this application is only 3 MB in size, because it will not burden the smartphone at all. Playing PUBG Mobile will also feel easy, lag-free.

Although only a minimalist size, this application can be relied on to make shots in PUBGM more targeted. Of course, there are many custom crosshairs that you can choose according to your taste.

NameCrosshair Hero
Minimum Android Version4.4
Number of Installs1,000,000+
linkDownload Crosshair Hero

3. Crosshair Pro

pubg mobile auto aim

The PUBG Mobile auto AIM application that you can try next is Crosshair Pro. Thanks to this application, your game on PUBG Mobile will improve sharply, especially the shooting problem. Don’t be surprised if you often get winner winner chicken dinner.

There are about 70 unique crosshairs that you can choose from, of course, choose the one that you think is the easiest to use. This application will also adjust to the FPS on the smartphone, of course it will not make the PUBG game lag and slow.

NameCrosshair Pro
Minimum Android Version5.0
Number of Installs1,000,000+
linkDownload Crosshair Pro

4. Custom AIM

PUBG Mobile AIM App

The AIM PUBG Mobile application that you can try is the Custom AIM Crosshair Assistant, which provides many crosshair designs. You just have to choose a custom crosshair that suits your taste, of course that makes it easier for you to shoot.

The good news is, you can also adjust this application according to FPS, the result is that the game will not lag when using this application. Don’t worry, all crosshairs available in the application support all weapons in PUBG Mobile.

5. AIM Master – FPS AIM Training

PUBG Mobile AIM App

Do you often lose playing PUBG Mobile because it’s difficult to shoot right on target? You can try using AIM Master – FPS AIM Training. Guaranteed, the shots you take will be right on target and you will often win matches because of this AIM PUBG Mobile application.

You can get this application by downloading it for free from Google Play. Don’t worry, the AIM exercises in the application will be adapted to your smartphone. you can try to improve your skills with this pubg aim application

6. AIM Trainer for FPS/TPS Games

pubg mobile aim hack

Finally, there is AIM Trainer for FPS/TPS Games, an application that can make you practice aiming properly. This PUBG Mobile AIM application is not only suitable for FPS (First Person Shooter) games, but can also be used for TPS (Third Person Shooter) games.

You can choose which custom crosshair you think is the easiest to use for aiming. Relax, this application will adjust to the FPS on the smartphone, because it will not affect the game at all.

The AIM PUBG Mobile application can be a suitable choice, especially for those of you who often lose when playing PUBG Mobile. Yes, the application above will help you shoot right on target so that you can easily win the game aka chicken dinner at PUBG Mobile.

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