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5 Ways to Overcome PUBG Mobile Cheaters during Match

In games, cheats are ‘playing cheats’. So cheater is the one who cheats in the game.

However, there are also those who think that cheating is not cheating. It just makes the game easier. Yes, how else is the name a cheater, it’s definitely cheating and Tencent hates it.

But even so, you should still avoid playing cheating. So, how do you deal with cheaters when playing games? Here below is a way to deal with cheaters in playing the PUBG mobile game

5 Ways to Deal with Cheaters in PUBG Mobile

Dealing with cheaters is a bit difficult, because we can be attacked suddenly. and at that very moment, ita suddenly died. So, here are tips for dealing with cheaters that you can practice

1. Play by changing places

To deal with cheaters in PUBG, what you have to do when taking cover is not to hide for too long.

Why don’t you hide for long?

Because if you hide too long, cheaters will easily find your position.
If you stay in one place for a long time, you will become a good target for cheaters. You should switch positions in the game.

When you hide for too long and the cheater knows your position, the cheater will immediately shoot through the wall or tree where you are hiding.
Therefore, apart from not hiding too long, another tip is not to hide behind walls or trees. Why is that?

Because cheaters have the advantage of being able to detect players behind trees or behind walls. And this cheater has the ability to shoot targets even if they are blocked by objects such as trees and walls.

That’s why it’s very important to move around when dealing with cheaters.

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2. When you run, don’t use weapons

It’s true when dealing with cheaters is that when you run, don’t use weapons. Why is that?

Because playing with weapons will only make your running speed decrease. In addition to running without a weapon, you should practice by jumping up and down to avoid shots from cheaters.

3. Be careful if you are in the safe zone

Indeed, if you think about it, it is definitely better to be in a safe zone than in a dangerous zone. But it’s different again if you are dealing with cheaters.

Why should you be wary? Because it could be that cheaters have targeted and targeted you, considering that cheaters have the advantage of knowing the position of the opposing player.

So the way to overcome this is to run by jumping or zigzagging to avoid shots. Be alert and observe the surroundings.
If you manage to find the cheater’s position and if possible, immediately attack and shoot the cheater.

to strike back at the cheaters, of course you must have a good aim. for that, read the following article Tricks & How to Increase Aim on PUBG mobile

4. Do not be in a position near a window or door

Why is that? Because as said above, shots from cheaters can penetrate objects such as walls.

Never peek in the window of an opponent who is fighting or make a sound. Because cheaters are very sensitive to sound and will immediately attack you.

however, you can try it once in a while. But you have to be careful when shooting at cheaters, try to shoot at him when he’s fighting with other players, or when he’s reloading.

5. Report Cheats

If you feel you were killed by a cheater. yes, the step that you must and must do is report the cheater. So that the cheater can increase the possibility of being banned by Tencent.


tencent can also detect cheaters, but not all cheaters are caught by tencent. that’s why as a good PUBG player you have to report a cheater if you are killed by a cheater.

The final word

So that’s how to deal with cheaters in PUBG Mobile. Yes, but there are times when you lose to a cheater because the cheater can fight when you’re careless or it’s the cheater who can position himself.

What do you think about cheaters in PUBG Mobile? Give your reasons in the comments below

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