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5 Ways to Overcome the Latest PUBG Mobile Black Screen & White Screen

This article will discuss the PUBG Mobile black screen or white screen that is often experienced by PUBG players. that is how overcome PUBG Mobile black screen & white screen.

Experiencing bugs while playing games is certainly a very annoying thing. Especially when playing fun, the screen suddenly changes color to black or white.

How? It will immediately spoil the mood you play, right?

Overcoming PUBG Black Screen / White Screen

This is certainly not foreign to you PUBG mobile players. The bug or glitch that occurs is usually caused by several things, such as:

  • Incomplete data files
  • Update problem
  • HP Specifications
  • and so forth

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore because there are several ways to fix this bug.

Here are 5 complete ways to overcome the PUBG screen glitch to black or white while playing.

1. Perform in-game repairs

repair black white screen

The first way to solve the black screen and white screen bug is to do the following: in-game repairs.

This method is the most powerful way to solve the bug.

PUBG developers have provided repair or repair features in the PUBG game. The repair can run automatically in overcoming various problems found in PUBG, including overcoming the black screen and white screen.

Here are the steps to use it.

  • Open your PUBG mobile
  • Select the screwdriver-shaped button in the right corner of your android screen.
  • Wait a moment until the dialog box appears.
  • Select OK and restart your game.
  • The bug has been resolved.

2. Clear game residue or cache

pubg mobile black screen white screen

The next way you can try is to delete file residues or commonly called cache.

Cache is leftover files from games or other applications that are no longer useful. Cache that is left over time will accumulate and can interfere with the game.


You need to clean the cache regularly so that the black screen problem on PUBG Mobile can be resolved

To clean the cache the way is quite easy. You just need

  • Go to the application settings section
  • After that select PUBG mobile
  • delete cache

That way the cache contained in your PUBG game is clean.

In addition to using the manual method, you can also take advantage of the cleaner application which is easily found in the Playstore or Appstore.

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3. Reinstall PUBG mobile

pubg white screen

The last way to solve PUBG mobile black screen & white screen that you can try is to reinstall the game.

However, this method is not recommended because you have to prepare a large quota to download PUBG games again.

(this is a desperate way if all methods can’t be done)

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4. Free up Processor and RAM

white screen in pubg

Often the problem of inadequate specs is also a factor in PUBG Mobile black screen and white screen

If the most effective way is, replace HP. But why is there an alternative way that you can try?

To relieve RAM and Processor, the method is the same as eliminating lag.

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5. Setting GLtools

gl tools pubg

GLtools is a pubg no lag application to reduce the ‘weight’ of a game, so it can eliminate black screens, white screens and lag

Setting GLtools is powerful enough to solve this problem. The purpose of setting GL tools can be for: overcoming black/white screen and Eliminate lag

So 2 goals, 1 way

Unfortunately, this method requires you to root your cellphone first in order to give this application access to change PUBG Mobile data

you can read PUBG Mobile GLTools Settings

You can try the four methods above if you experience black screen and white screen problems at any time.

Playing games is fun. However, don’t let because it’s too fun, you forget to take care of the device. Keep your cellphone always fit so that you play games smoothly, expenses are maintained.

Good luck

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