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5 Tips to Get the Best Equipment in Black Desert Mobile

This time, we want to share the best Equipment Tips on Black Desert Mobile such as Weapons, Armor, Accessories and Stats. This method aims to increase the Combat Power (CP) of your BDM character.

In Black Desert Mobile itself, there are at least 7 types of equipment that you can use. So for that, you must first know tips for saving resources or resources optimally.

So, here are tips for upgrading equipment in Black Desert Mobile (weapons, armor, accessories, etc.)

Tips for Getting the Best Equipment in Black Desert Mobile

1. Buy the best equipment at Shakatu’s Shop

5 Tips to Get the Best Equipment in Black Desert Mobile (Weapon, Armor, Accessories, etc.)

A good weapon with high stats is certainly not easy to get. How to get it is actually easy, you can get armor and weapons by completing missions, bosh rushes, and markets.

However, you should know that to get the best weapon or armor is to buy it at Shakatu’s Shop.

Weapon or Armor items in Black Desert itself are divided into various types, such as gray, white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red.

Buying items at Shakatu’s Shop does have a high selling price, and buying it must use Acient Gold which you must get from completing missions, such as Boss Rush or Acient Ruins.

2. Farming or Grinding

5 Tips to Get the Best Equipment in Black Desert Mobile (Weapon, Armor, Accessories, etc.)

Just like other MMORPG games, you can also get equipment by farming or grinding. If you want to be more pro farming, you can read AUTO KAYA!! 13 Farming Tips Black Desert Mobile (Silver Coin & Dark Energy)

Actually, blue weapons are not difficult to get, this way you can even get better items such as purple, or even orange colored equipment.

This method is quite efficient but you have to be patient and wait a long time. Yes, because if you want to get an orange weapon, at least you have to open a Dark Spirit Akakening 5. Usually when your Dark Spirit level is around level 50.

3. Use Low Quality Items first for Updrage Materials

5 Tips to Get the Best Equipment in Black Desert Mobile (Weapon, Armor, Accessories, etc.)

In order for a weapon to be better and have high stats, of course you have to upgrade it, right? With the Enhacement feature you can upgrade your weapons so that they have high attack power.

The higher the level of your equipment, the greater its attack power and durability.

Now to upgrade it, just use a low-quality stone first, but make sure the success rate reaches 100%. This is so that the enhancement process is successful.

Feel free to upgrade your Weapon or Armor (eg the blue one) to +10 level. Usually this is done by beginners who do not want to waste upgrade materials.

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You should know, when you want to replace an item with a better one, you can easily transfer the item at a cheaper price.

For example, you will lose 10% on every item replacement, so when you have +10 blue weapon, you can transfer it to purple and it will change to +9.

Upgrading items at the beginning is not in vain, because you can replace them with better items without having to upgrade from the beginning.

4. Tips for upgrading Accessories

Accessories are not the same as Weapons and Armor, this equipment consists of various types such as earrings, belts, necklaces, rings, or bracelets.

As you know, pieces of material to upgrade accessories are also difficult to get. This is the reason why accessories are difficult to upgrade.

Like an accessory that is purple in color, it is very expensive in the market. My advice is to hold back first so you can get accessories that are higher than blue.

Because with a complete set of +8 jewelry, you can get the same resonance bonus as purple accessories. However, how to upload it itself is very difficult to do.

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The way to upgrade is, you must first pay attention to the quality of your accessories, maybe every upgrade will not have a 100% chance of success. The scariest thing is when it fails, your progress will return to +0 therefore, pay attention first, and make sure that the upgrade process is 100% successful.

However, you can still prevent the item from becoming +0 by using a restorem pass or silver coin. But the drawback is that your silver coin costs will run out quickly.

What is often done for this problem is to create a smurf account. because you can get a lot of blue pieces when the main mission of the new account.

When creating a new account, try to choose the same class, so that each item you get is the same as your main account.

5. Study Equipment Statistics

Statistical problems in Black Desert Mobile are no less important than the best equipment tips in BDM. There are about 4 secondary stats namely Attack, Defense, HP, MP, Attack Speed, Crit Damage, and Movement Speed.

In addition to secondary stats, you also have to know the elements that you can use later such as

  • Aal (Fire element that can give you ATK attack)
  • Serret (ES element that can increase the number of targets)
  • Labreve (Lightning Element, which can give you a chance to deal extra damage)
  • Ahib (Poison Element that can increase crit chance)

In addition, you can also see your total CP calculated based on Attack and Defense. But the best way to generate high CP is to give two gems that are identical to the main stats on your weapon or armor. So that weapon attacks and defense armor will give a lot of CP.

The final word

So those are the tips for getting the best equipment in Black Desert Mobile (Weapon, Armor, Accessories & Statistics) as well as the best tips for increasing the CP of your BDM character. May be useful.

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