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5 Tips to Be Good at Playing Sniper Call Of Duty Mobile (CODM)

This recently released game called Call of Duty Mobile is the most exciting tactical game. A strategy is needed in fighting against all enemies. The following tips for playing sniper codm can help you.

One of the game modes in call of duty mobile is sniper only. yap sniper is a type of long-range weapon that has high damage. With this weapon it allows you one hit one kill.

A true sniper has a very vital main task in team formation. You have to kill opponents who threaten your team from a distance and unseen. The following are tips for playing sniper only codm.

playing sniper in codm can be said to be quite difficult. Accuracy is the key to eliminating opponents, but there are factors that really support you to become a pro sniper player.

1. The Right Scope for Sniper

play sniper codm

Not a sniper, of course, if there is no such thing as a scope. This scope is very identical to the sniper to aim at the opponent with a considerable distance. Accessories must be used by sniper weapons.

In playing sniper only in codm, choose the right scope. Makes you comfortable in battle. Can choose the scope that is on attachments create a wide and far viewing distance.

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You can set this scope mode in weapon equipment. In sniper there are not many scope options that you can use. Of course you have to adapt.

2. Find a Sniper Safe Spot

play sniper codm

The snipers certainly couldn’t keep moving deeper into the war. If you are still a beginner, you can face your opponent directly from close range. Of course this will harm you, you could be killed by your opponent.

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Look for a safe and comfortable spot so you are calm in aiming. In the sniper only game in codm, of course there are buildings or ruins that can be used as your spot. The ideal spot is a hidden spot with wide visibility and lots of enemies passing by.

3. Focus and Shoot Boldly

call of duty

Don’t have any doubts about playing sniper only in codm. Call of Duty mobile is based on the principle, get shot or get hit. If you are in doubt, you might even get shot first and you’ll be the one who’s poor

Focus, see the movement of your enemy in the minimap. The minimap can sometimes reveal enemy positions. You can camp there waiting for the opponent to come. Be careful there are opponents behind your back.

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If we are good at playing sniper, you can move forward with a barbarian style of play. You can use the smack trick for a second to increase the accuracy.

4. Understand and Love Sniper Weapons

play sniper codm

You can learn a little about the weapons you use to play in sniper only codm. This can make you understand very well in shooting opponents effectively and efficiently which causes the death of the opponent.

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Also understand the type of enemy weapon and must be able to adjust your position. If you understand the enemy’s weapons, you can be braver not only to play in your safe zone.

5. Complete Perks and Attachments

call of duty mobile

Perks and attachments are additional accessories that you must use. There are many kinds of perks and attachments that are suitable for playing sniper only in codm. Like red, blue and green, then additional skills on weapons.

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You can use a green perk that has a ghost name. Of course one must be safe and his position must not be known to the enemy at all. This ghost perk as the name implies allows you to be invisible.

Then you can use additional damage and also add movement speed when aiming and don’t forget you can use fast reload so that you can shoot back which is more painful.


here I will show the gameplay of pro sniper as your reference

The final word

In playing sniper only codm or in other modes, of course there must be good preparation and strategy. Collect a lot of scores and win the match immediately.

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