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5 Safest Camper Places New Bermuda Free Fire Map

In the map, there are lots of spots that can be used as camping sites to spy on enemies. Bermuda become a map that is often played by free fire players. Camper Map of Bermuda is a suitable spot for a sniper in eradicating enemies.

Closed hiding becomes a very dangerous strategy for the opponent. You can shoot the enemy without being detected by the opponent. So that confused opponents can also fall in the blink of an eye.

5 Safest Bermuda Free Fire Camper Map Places

Campers are identical to snipers who have long range weapons. Sniper is very able to overthrow the enemy in one shot. So before it is known by the opponent, your enemy will fall.

Not all cities on the Bermuda Map are suitable as free fire campers. There are only a few cities that are ideal as a Bermuda Camper map in this very exciting game. Here’s a list of the safest camper cities.

1. Graveyard

camper map bermuda

The first place for a Bermuda camper map is the Graveyard. In this place there are many tombs that exist at several points. This place is next to a big city visited by many players, namely the equator.

The safest camper place in the city is located in a building that has characteristics such as a water tower. The snipers can stay in this building first waiting for the enemy to come.

You climb this building by visiting the city of the equator first, then you use the launcher in this city. By climbing this spot the Bermuda camper map is very safe

2. Shipyard

camper map bermuda

Besides being able to be used as the best loot place on the Bermuda map, the shipyard can be used as a camper location. This city is at the end of the map where as the name suggests there is a port with cranes standing tall and upright.

In addition to weapons, the items in this city are very complete for free fire sniper campers. The spot camper in this city is above the storage warehouse building. It’s very easy to go up to this building guys.

You can climb the ladder crane to go up, then just jump. Be careful if your jump fails it will spend quite a lot of hp. Inside there is a warehouse for storing goods, of course, there are many weapons that you can loot.

3. Clock Tower

camper map bermuda

The clock tower is a strategic place for the Bermuda camper map. This is a place where free fire players often pass by. There is also a dam large enough to be used as a campsite.

At the dam there is a ditch that you can enter. Here you can do camping comfortably and safely and no one will notice.

4. Equator

free fire

Then there is the city of the equator which makes the safest camper on the Bermuda map. This city is very dangerous because it is the city with the most shootings, so just be careful if you visit or loot in this equatorial city, my friend.

The safest camper spots in this city are in buildings or towers that are quite high. To climb this tower does not need to be difficult. Just use the thrower that is above the house.

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5. Sentosa

free fire

Sentosa is the last city that is ideal for your camper. There are also mandatory loot free fire items in this sentosa city, for example Groza. You can visit this city if other cities are very empty of loot.

There are 2 spots in Sentosa for free fire campers on the Bermuda Map. Under the bridge is a common spot for camping strategies. You can hide quietly in this spot and the way to this place is very, very easy.

The second is next to the tunnel, here it is located at the end of the other bridge in the city of Sentosa. To reach the place does not need a special trick. Just run next to the tunnel and fit only one person. Guaranteed not to be seen unless your opponent enters this spot.

Camper Strategy Advantages

  • Strategies are very safe and most rarely die quickly.
  • Perfect for defending circles and zones.
  • Can survive from the mid game to the end because it waits for the enemy to get a bit.
  • Deadly strategy without being detected by the opponent.
  • Really enjoy while planning the next strategy.

Disadvantages of Camper Strategy

  • Less time in flanks sudden opponent.
  • Not suitable for people who have the nature of getting bored quickly.
  • Skills against and against enemies may be less honed.
  • It’s not very safe if the zone isn’t on your side.

The final word

The Bermuda Camper Map place can be your reference using the camping strategy on this map. The Bermuda map besides storing lots of loot, there are also the safest spots to stop by.

Develop a strategy as good as possible to achieve victory easily. Your booyah depends on whether you play pretty or play it safe but deadly.

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