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5 latest Free Fire Mode Clash Squad Bugs

Clash Squad is a mode in Free Fire, a battle that is participated by 2 teams with 4 members. This mode is very fun and stressful because players are required to think quickly and wisely in spending money. Unfortunately, FF Clash Squad bugs are rampant.

Yes, there are some bugs which often happens when players play this mode, which makes the game no longer fun. Well, below we will explain some of the Clash Squad bugs in Free Fire that you should know so as not to be surprised when you experience them firsthand.

1. Unlimited Grenades

Clash Squad mode does provide its own challenges, where there are only 8 players in a map. The 8 players are divided into 2 teams, with 6 members each.

In this mode, the two teams above must beat each other in seven rounds. To be victorious, one team must at least Booyah! 4 times ahead of the other teams.

This mode certainly offers fun, because of the narrow map that allows two teams to fight faster. Anyway, both teams must be compact and smart in managing the economy in order to succeed in coming out as winners.

Unfortunately, despite frequent updates, there are still bugs that occur in Free Fire. One of the things that players often encounter is a grenade that never runs out, which happens in Clash Squad mode.

The purpose of the clash squad bug in Free Fire is a grenade that will never run out even though it has been thrown repeatedly. This bug is very disappointing because it removes the competitive nature of the Clash Squad mode.

The problem with this FF Squad Clash bug made many players complain, because they didn’t hone their skills until they got Booyah! Instead, they threw grenades at each other, which did not run out even though they were thrown 100 times.

2. More and more cheaters

Clash Squad ff cheat bug

Free Fire is one of the battle royale games the most popular in Indonesia, apart from its small size, this game can be played on smartphones with minimalistic specifications. No wonder many Android users are interested in playing this game.

The large number of Free Fire players, giving rise to players who cheat and justify the way to win the match. Yes, many choose to cheat and become cheaters, even in Clash Squad mode.

This FF cheat doesn’t include the latest FF clash squad bug, because it’s been around for a long time. Fighting enemies who cheat are annoying and emotional, they can get one shot headshot, aka always headshot when shooting.

When you find this FF Clash Squad bug, the hope of winning this mode is slim. Instead of getting emotional, it’s better to just come out, but don’t forget to report the cheater, okay?

3. CS Vector Mode Bug in FF

Then there is the vector bug, where players can use double vector or katana in Clash Squad and other modes. This FF Clash Squad bug is very detrimental because it makes the game chaotic.

Yes, many irresponsible players exploit this bug and use it in competitive mode. If it is used in training, it doesn’t matter, because no other player is harmed. It’s different if it is used during push rank, many other players are inflamed because they feel disadvantaged.

In addition to allowing players to use two katana and vector, this bug can cause lag, blink to teleport to unplanned places. Then how to detect and solve this bug?

The way to detect players who exploit this bug is very easy, the characteristics are using a double katana/vector, can run fast and can move from one place to another easily.

Actually, how to solve this bug is quite easy, you just need to restart Free Fire and restart the game. If you are lazy to restart, then you can avoid these players during the game and find a safe place so they don’t find and kill you.

4. Force Close and Stuck in CS

clash squad free fire bug

The last FF Clash Squad bug was force close and stuck in the match. Force closes often occur when players want to change grenades to Gloo Wall. The solution can be overcome by deleting the cache or game data.

In addition to force close, players are also often stuck and can’t do anything in Clash Squad mode. This is very detrimental because it makes the player an easy prey to shoot.

5. Bug Map Factory Clash Squad

The next latest Free Fire clash squad bug lies in the map, which often behaves abnormally when Clash Squad starts. This bug is very detrimental, because it makes the game between two teams not optimal because there are many distractions when starting the battle action.

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Many don’t know where this FF Clash Squad bug comes from, but many players have experienced it. Anyway, when this bug occurs, players can suddenly spawn in enemy bases, above factories and so on.

The problem is, spawning directly at the enemy base is very detrimental, because the player will be separated from his team. Once known to the enemy, the player will be easily disabled, because 1 person has to fight 4 people.

Hopefully Garena as a developer quickly fixes this FF Clash Squad bug so that players can play this mode in a sporty and uninterrupted manner. If the game is free from harmful bugs, the user experience will be further improved.

Above are some FF Clash Squad bugs that you should know so you don’t panic when you experience them. Clash Squad includes a new mode in Free Fire, it’s no wonder there are so many bugs that often occur and are experienced by many players.

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