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5 Forbidden Times To Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

Playing PUBG Mobile is really fun, sometimes you will lose track of time and spend all day playing games. But behind all that, do you know when it’s forbidden to push Rank in PUBG Mobile? Read more.

At certain times, sometimes you will meet novice players or children, and of course this is very annoying. This player usually talks a lot (toxic) and can also be called a noob player. Yes, they just play for a ride, and you have to look after and carry them when they play.

When you want to play seriously, and meet a team that is less reliable, of course you have to pay attention to any time to push ranked in PUBG Mobile.

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5 Forbidden Times To Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

Now for that, I will here provide information about any time you should avoid playing, especially playing to increase the tier in PUBG Mobile.

1. Holidays

Forbidden Time To Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

Holidays are the worst days for you to do PUBG Mobile Push Rank, on this day there are usually many school children playing, and you know how children play, don’t you? Indeed, not all noobs, but the pros can be counted on the fingers.

maybe you can solve this by playing at midnight

2. When it rains

Gyroscope settings in PUBGM push rank pubg

Playing PUBG Mobile when it rains is very risky. It is undeniable that when the weather is bad like when it rains, the operator signal gets worse, this of course can be fatal in your game.

When playing with a bad signal, of course you will have trouble moving, because when you lag a little, the game will be destroyed, and you will be shot by the enemy suddenly. While the enemy can easily kill like fighting bots. Don’t you want it? So avoid playing PUBG Mobile when it’s raining or bad weather.

3. Reset Tier / Early Season

Forbidden Time To Push Rank in PUBG Mobile

Every three months PUBG always brings updates and resets your Tier. This is done in order to keep the game competitive.

No wonder the players lost their rank during the update. This is of course the Pro Players who were originally Tier Conqueror down and made the game even more difficult because there were many pro players in it.

4. 8 pm to early morning on Maps Erangel

best time to push rank pubg

Did you know that this time is the favorite time for Pro Players to play PUBG Mobile. This time is usually for people who unwind after work.

At that hour you will find many Pro Player players, be it Streamers, Top Global and so on. They usually have a party that is no less great. Once your head appears, Auto Headshot! :v

On the other hand, the safe time to play PUBG Mobile is in the morning until noon, because at this time there are few people to play, not infrequently you will meet a lot of bots at this time.

5. Afternoon to Evening

forbidden time to play pubg

It’s not a new thing. During the day there are usually a lot of little kids playing games. They usually play after school. These times are off limits for you to play solo, but it’s best if you play with a good friend.

That way you can slaughter those little, uh, little con boys. Besides that, this time is actually the best time to push rank, but with a note that you have to play squad, or party with your friends. Don’t try it solo!

So that’s some of the Forbidden Times To Push Rank in PUBG Mobile, some time above is my own experience, and combine it with some existing references. Well you? What time do you like to play PUBG Mobile? Happy playing and Chicken Dinner!!

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