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5 Best Tank Heroes Season 19 Mobile Legends

Now we have entered season 19 in Mobile Legends, with various meta hero changes as well as buffs and nerfs. One of the important roles in Mobile Legends is a tank, which has a duty to protect teammates. There are already several tanks in Mobile Legends, but only a few that are really the best in this 19 season in particular.

On this occasion I will give a list or list of the best tan heroes in season 19 of Mobile Legends. So if you’re curious, please just read to the end so you understand. Immediately following the list I will summarize in this article.

1. Khufra


At number one is Khufra, a tank that is popular these days and one of the best tanks of season 19. Khufra has good CC abilities, high durability, and the ability to be a war initiator. This tank has often been picked in ranked mode, of course the reason I explained earlier.

Khufra can pick up the enemy either secretly or directly with skill 1. To restrain enemy movements or break through during team war, just use skill 2 bounce bal. While Khufra’s ultimate skill can push the opponent in a certain direction.

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2. Johnson


Next is Johnson, one of the best tanks in this season. Johnson, of course, most players already know the main skill of this hero, which is being a car and then crashing into an opponent. This hero also has a fairly high durability especially if he has a passive skill if his life is thin then he takes out a fairly thick shield.

Johnson in this season is getting more and more attention and use, indeed a versatile hero. Johnson is able to hit the enemy individually or during war, perfect for roaming and supporting lanes as well as for initiating war. In addition, he can also combine with certain heroes to inflict great damage on the opponent.

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3. Tigreal


Tigreal is one of the best tanks in this season, even one of the popular heroes. This hero often escapes the ban in draft pick mode, but it turns out that Tigreal’s ability is strong enough to compete with other meta heroes. Tigreal has high durability so it doesn’t die easily, it’s only natural that the pick rate is big this season.

The skill set is good for CC aka crowd control, skill 1 can do damage and slow. Then Skill 2 can push the target then it can be knocked up. The ultimate skill can pull the opponent into the middle, perfect for CC during war. Overall Tigreal deserves to be one of the best and most popular tanks this season.

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4. Franco

Best Franco Tank Season 19

Franco is also the best tank in season 19 this time, thanks to his CC ability. This tank is already quite famous and many players have used Franco. In this season, of course, Franco’s pick rate is also quite high along with other tanks such as Khufra, Tigreal, or Johnson.

Franco is perfect for picking up the opponent after that disable it with the ultimate skill so he can’t run away everywhere. In a war condition Franco can also be the initiator by kidnapping the opponent or just attacking the enemy as a tank.

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5. Hylos

Best Hylos tank season 19

Finally, there is Hylos, this half-human and horse tank is included as the best tank line in season 19. Hylos is a tank with high durability, even one of his skills can drain his hitpoints. His skill set consists of CC and DPS skills or damage per second.

Hylos does have a thick and hard-to-die cellphone, so it is very suitable to be a tank, some even use it as an offlaner. His CC skill can be used when the player is in war or wants to prevent the enemy from escaping, stun skill then ultimate skill to slow down the enemy.

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It seems that until here, this article discusses the best tank heroes in season 19 of Mobile Legends. Actually there are also strong tanks like Uranus, Atlas, Belerick, but I didn’t include them this time. There is also news that Grock will later get a significant buff in his skills, this can also make Grock victorious again.

If you still want to add, please comment below. Don’t forget to keep visiting this blog so you don’t miss interesting information about games, see you soon.

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