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5 Best Meta Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 24

The existence of Meta Tank in the MLBB 1.6.66 patch update, has made a big change in the Mobile Legends game. There are several Mobile Legends heroes who are back on the rise after getting a big Buff, one of which is the Tank hero.

The existence of a Buff that Moonton gives to the Tank hero, can make the Tank hero a Jungler in META now. So that the Tank hero is always a bone of contention for the players, even if it is always included in the list of ban subscriptions when playing solo ranked.

Well, on this occasion UPOINT.ID would like to tell you some of the best Meta Tank heroes in the Mobile Legends Season 24 game. Want to know what the list of heroes is? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

5 Best Meta Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 24

1. Grock

The best hero for the first Meta Tank is Grock. As a Tank hero, Grock has high durability, because Grock’s passive skill ability (Earthen Foce) can increase his Physical Defense, HP Regen, and Movement Speed. This ability can make Grock stronger when facing the opposing team.

In addition to having high durability, Grock can also produce large damage when entering the early and late game phases. So that Grcok can easily kill opposing heroes, especially Marksman heroes and Mage heroes who have thin HP.

2. Akai

The best hero for the next Meta Tank is Akai. Akai has a powerful skill ability after getting a revamp in the new patch in April 2022 yesterday. The existence of a revamp skill, can make Akai able to fill various positions other than roamer.

One of the big changes to Akai’s hero is the ability of a passive skill called Tai Chi where Akai’s hero can give Mark with his Basic Attack to inflict additional damage on the opponent’s hero who is hit by Mark.

In addition to being able to provide additional damage to the opponent’s hero, Akai’s passive skill ability can also provide additional Shield in large quantities. So that Akai’s defense is getting stronger.

3. Baxia


The best hero for the next Meta Tank is Baxia. Baxia is one of the Tank heroes who gets a significant Buff from Moonton’s side. The ability of skill 2 (Shield of Spirit) which is Baxia’s base damage gets an increase from 125-250 to 180-255. So that Baxia can deal great damage to the opponent.

Baxia also has high mobility, because Baxia’s skill ability (Baxia-Shield Unity) can turn into a ball and walk towards the opponent’s hero at high speed. This ability allows Baxia to quickly rotate.

4. Johnson

The best hero for the next Meta Tank is Johnson. The ability of the ultimate skill (Rapid Touchdown) that Johnson has is quite deadly, because Johnson can inflict great damage, causing Stun and Slow effects to nearby enemy heroes, if Johnson manages to hit the opponent.

Hero Johnson also gets an increase (Buff) for his 2nd skill called Electromag Rays. Johnson raises his shield to deal 80 Magic Damage to the target continuously and can slow them down by 20%.

5. Hilda

The best hero for the last Meta Tank is Hilda. After getting a Buff as well as a revamp from Moonton’s side, Hilda can be even more deadly. The existence of the revamp can remove the existing Stack on Hilda as a whole, but can increase the damage of her ultimate skill ability.

Every time Hilda deals damage to the opponent’s hero, then Hilda will give Mark to the opponent, with a maximum total of 6 Marks which can increase the damage from Hilda’s ultimate ability as a whole.

Those are some of the best heroes for Meta Tank that you can use when playing the Mobile Legends Season 24 game. Hopefully it’s useful! Oh yes, if you want to top up the Mobile Legends diamond, you can directly top up the Mobile Legends diamond at UPOINT.ID.

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