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5 Best Android Game Booster Applications to Overcome Lag

Best Game Booster – Have you ever felt lag while playing games on Android?

Usually, incidents like this often happen on potato HP or mediocre specs. Of course, this really interferes with your gaming experience. Especially games that are played online. Of course, it will have an impact on more fatal things, such as falling stars or points in the game.

For those of you who often experience lag as above, there is no need to worry. Because there are several powerful ways to overcome lag when playing Android games.

One of them, using the best game booster application

What are game boosters?

Game booster is an application that maximizes your cellphone to run the game being played. Technically, it can be done by turning off background applications on Android, clearing the application cache, and others.

Actually, without a game booster you can do it, but how difficult it is to do everything manually.

For that, to get the best performance when playing games, here are some of the best game booster applications, which you should try.

Collection of the Best Game Booster Applications

Previously, we discussed how to activate the game booster on a Xiaomi smartphone. Now it will be discussed, some game booster applications that are suitable for you to use to get maximum performance when playing games, especially online games that are currently hyping up.

Because online games, in addition to consuming RAM and memory, of course also require a qualified internet connection. Therefore, a game booster application is needed that can work well, such as some of the good game booster applications below.

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1. Dr. Booster – Boost Game Speed

Best Game Booster

Dr. Booster is the best game booster app now. Because there are so many advantages it offers. Like auto clean up smartphones when playing games, and reportedly can increase the performance of your smartphone to 1.2 times than before when playing games.

Other highlights from Dr. Booster is this application can also move large game data to SD Card easily. This application also works and runs well for when playing hype games now. Interested to try it?

Download Links: Dr. Booster – Boost Game Speed

2. GLTools

Best Game Booster

Not only for game boosting, GLTools can also modify various Android games. This versatile application can even modify games that cannot or support certain Androids to run smoothly.

Even recently, someone tried to use GLTools to play Mobile Legends with 512 MB RAM. Interesting right?

Indeed this is an application that most effective in overcoming the lag problem in today’s online games

But unfortunately, to use this application you must have Android in a state of root. Because GLTools only works on rooted Android. So, if you want to use this application, don’t forget to root your Android first.

Download links: Download GL Tools

3. Game Booster PerforMAX

Game Booster PerforMAX

You can download the PerforMAX application on the Play Store with a size of approximately 10 MB. Even though the size of this application is a potato, this application is one of the best game boosters, which is able to maximize the game so that it runs smoothly on a potato cellphone. Can it? Of course you can, because Android’s clean up capabilities don’t need to be doubted.

Want to try it yourself? Just install and try the PerforMAX application on your Android.

Download Links: Game Booster PerforMAX

4. Phone Cooler (Fast CPU Cooler)

In addition to disk factors and smartphone specifications that affect the gaming experience. The temperature of the smartphone also affects when playing games. If the temperature of your smartphone is very hot, of course the game being played will lag or break.

Well, one solution you can cool, but it certainly takes a long time. Because there are alternatives to using cooler applications available for smartphones, one of the best is Phone Cooler. This application is proven to be able to make Android always in normal temperature even though it is used to play games continuously. Curious to try it?

Download Links: Phone Cooler (Fast CPU Cooler)

5. Game Booster and Launcher

In addition to game boosters, this application also provides a launcher that can make smartphones work even more optimally. To activate the game booster feature of this application is also quite easy, just click the booster on the game you want to speed up.

Apart from being a game booster and launcher, this application can also optimize memory and clear Android application cache, which often causes Android to be lag and slow. Interested in installing this one game booster application?

Download Links: Game Booster and Launcher

Those are some of the best game booster apps for playing games. If there is a problem can leave a trail in the comments column.

That’s it. Good luck.

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