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4 Ways to Know Enemy Positions & Hack Map in Mobile Legend 2022

There are many ways to find out the enemy’s position in Mobile Legend. From cheats and without cheats, from root and no root. For example, the one without the cheat is the Jess no Limit trick. As for the cheats, there are hack maps, Script Radar, Cheat Map, Kuroyama mod etc. all have their own advantages

indeed to seek victory in mobile legends requires expertise and compact cooperation. But being the spearhead of the team is also not a problem. Now, for how to win continuously in the rank of mobile legends, many use the wrong way

Using the ML map hack, Radar Script, Cheat Map, Kuroyama mod etc is actually not recommended. There is a risk behind it and there is an advantage too

Benefits of Using this Trick

  • Knowing the Enemy’s Position
  • The enemy’s position is visible on the map
  • Easier to set strategy
  • Can attack the enemy suddenly
  • Can avoid the enemy
  • etc

Here the tricks will be divided into several categories. That is no cheats and with cheats. It’s up to you to choose which one

4 Ways to Know the Position of the Enemy in Mobile Legend

This time, we want to share a trick with you to find out the enemy’s position in Mobile legend.

so to know the actual location of the enemy is quite easy and quite accurate, even without a map hack though. However, to be able to get enemy information on mobile legends without cheats / hack maps, you must be careful and diligent in checking the enemy jungle (for how I will share later)

whereas if you use a cheat / hack on the Mobile legends map, the minimap in the upper left corner will show the location of the enemy. Of course, in this way, you can risk getting banned / suspended

What you need to underline, this is an informative and educative article. All sins and risks are borne by you if you use cheats

1. Tricks to Know the Position of Enemy Heroes Ala Jess No Limit

hack map ml

Who doesn’t know Jess No limit? Surely this one person is familiar to your ears. He is a pro player in Mobile Legends as well as a famous Youtuber who has millions of subs. Well, he once made a video on how to find out the enemy’s location in ML.

The tricks shared are highly recommended to try. Why? this trick is not a cheat that harms Moonton and without having to download scripts, mods, etc. How to?

here I will explain briefly and clearly how to do this trick

How to find out the enemy’s position in ML A la Jess No Limit

All you have to do is press the minimap in the upper left corner. Even pressing it should not be careless, try the location you see is where the enemy’s jungle is. Well, if there is enemy sound attack & see the effect of the attackthen it can be ascertained that that is the location of the enemy

for example, like the picture below. well in the picture it means the location of the enemy is farming.

know the location of the enemy in ml
script radar map ml

Suggestions when using this trick that is, you check and check where the enemy jungle is. because that’s where we can see attack effect and enemy attack sound. If the enemy is taking the buff, we can approach and steal the buff silently with retribution

It is highly recommended to use a headset/earphone so that the enemy’s voice can be heard clearly. There are sound settings so that it is easier for you to know the enemy’s position. here are the sound settings

ml mod kuroyama

if you don’t understand about knowing the enemy’s position in mobile legends a la Jess No limit. You can watch this video from jess no limit

is this method risky? no, this is a very safe way and your account will not get banned.

2. Mobile Legend Mod Map

mobile legends map hack

In the official Mobile Legend application, of course the map in the upper left corner does not show the enemy’s position. However, with the Mod / Mod version of the Mobile Legend application, the enemy’s position on the Minimap will be visible. It’s the same as Hack Map Mobile Legends

this is how to find out the position of the Enemy in Mobile Legend with the help of Mod

This mod does not require root access. how to use it is easy, you just delete the original Mobile legend application, then you install the Mod version of Mobile legend. Is it risky? Yes, of course there are risks. Especially if there is a game update, usually this mod can’t be used anymore

The famous Mobile Legend Mod is the Kuroyama Mod. With this application, you can win easily in Mobile Legend. Actually, to win in ML, you don’t need to use cheat methods, we have prepared an article 10 Tips for Solo Rank Winning continuously in Mobile Legend

3. Using the Mobile legends Hack Map Script

In a previous article, I discussed the 12 Latest Mobile Legend Scripts. Well, how to find out the enemy’s position in Mobile legend is also one of the scripts in the article.

Using Hack scripts folder in Mobile legend it is indeed something that helps you to find out the enemy’s position. Same as No. 2 above, this method contains cheat elements that can pose a risk of being banned

How to Hack Map Mobile Legends

  1. Download ML Hack Map Scriptthen extract
  2. Copy files MobaLogicAndroidData.unity3d and MobaLogicAndroidRes.unity3d
  3. Paste in Android > data > > files > dragon > assets > Any > android > (paste here)
  4. Open mobile legends, then pay attention when there is writing SurvivalModeEvent is being loaded (see picture below), you delete it immediately MobaLogicAndroidData.unity3d in file manager
hack map ml

With this mobile legends map hack script, you don’t need to download the Mobile legend Mod which is also not small in size. You just need to download the script, then just put it in the mobile legends folder. And then you have to do certain commands (depending on the script) so that the Hack Map script works 100%

With a hack map, you can find out the exact position of the enemy through the minimap in the upper left corner of the screen. Of course this is very helpful for avoiding enemy ganking, stealing jungle stealing, initiating attacks etc

This mobile map hack script is very dangerous when used. therefore you should not use this method. Even if you use it, you should just play at the rank of warrior so it doesn’t hurt the others too much

4. Using YSS heroes

find out the enemy position of the mobile legend hack map

It turns out, to find out the enemy’s position in mobile legend, you don’t have to use this trick, this cheat is that. You can use the YSS hero (yi sun shin) to find out all enemy positions

The trick is to use the ultimate skill. The ultimate YSS skill will give a shot from the sky to all enemy heroes. Now from that damage we will know the enemy’s position, and it will be visible on the minimap

However, the weakness is that if you want to use the ultimate again, you have to wait again so you can use the skill. In addition, you must be required to be able to play this YSS hero. It’s funny if you use YSS, you just want to know the enemy’s position without mastering this hero

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Well, that’s how to find out the enemy’s position in Mobile Legend. Here you can use the clean method, or the dirty method (hack maps, cheats, etc.). With the 4 methods above that I have shared, surely your game will be more pro and can bring victory.

Good luck, push rank terooss!!

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