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4 Ways to Auto Headshot in Free fire without Cheat 100% Work

the most effective way to kill enemies quickly is to shoot the enemy’s head or commonly called a headshot (headshot method). Free Fire). Because, if you shoot the enemy’s head, the damage that will be generated will increase

Especially when using AR weapons, if you hit the head, the damage can be more than 60. Besides that, you can also 1 hit 1 kill by means of Headshot using Shotgun

How to headshot in free fire?

Of course the question is on the mind of ‘almost all free fire players’. how not, with just 5 bullets you can kill the enemy quickly if the headshot and 1 shotgun bullet can kill the enemy quickly too if the headshot

What is Headshot free fire

What is a headshot in free fire?

Meaning of headshot in free fire is a situation where we shoot and hit the enemy’s head. Because it hits the head, the damage received by the enemy will be greater because the pening part of his body is attacked by weapons

The result if the enemy is hit by a headshot is, the enemy will immediately die, even immediately dead. so the headshot method in Free fire is very much looking for

a little info for you about the Headshot picture on Free Fire. That the key to a Headshot is 4

  1. Sensitivity Settings
  2. How do you shoot
  3. Calm
  4. How good are your reflexes & playing style

and one more thing, learning how to headshot is absolutely essential if you want to be a pro player in FF

How to Headshot on Free Fire

headshot free fire

This section will consist of 4 sections. So, each section will explain more about how/techniques for easy headshots.

You can use one method, or all of the methods below. So how?

Method 1: Drag to the head

So What is the ‘Drag To Head’ way of Headshot??

So it’s a technique where when we shoot, we have to drag the crosshair up so that the bullet can hit Enemy Head. So this method is very effective for those of you who want to booyah easily.

with this free fire headshot method, you will 80% headshot continues when you have mastered it. So with this trick you also need to master it first and get used to it so that every time there is an enemy, you always use this method

Now, free fire has added training features. Well this really helps you in practicing this headshot trick. My advice, apart from training in classic, you also practice in training mode

How to do it?

First, aim the AIM at the enemy’s body. To aim at the enemy’s body, you are free to use the Scope or not. But my advice

  • Use scope when the enemy is far away
  • do not use scope, when the enemy is close

To be more maximal, try to keep you at High Ground because if you shoot at enemies from high ground, then the chance to get a headshot in Free fire will be easier

SecondShoot While Dragged Up Slowly

Now this is also important, when you shoot, you aim the crosshair up slowly. So that the bullet will point to the enemy’s coconut so it can be Headshot

But if you get used to it, you can raise the crosshair rather quickly, but with feeling. so that your shots will hit the head faster

look at the following picture..

how to drag headshot to head free fire

Now, the key of the Headshot ‘drag to head’ way is at this stage. So always practice your AIM when shooting using this technique, to shoot while directing the crosshair up slowly yaa

In addition, the sensitivity setting is also very influential in this first method. A good and comfortable sensitivity setting will increase the headshot ratio many times

besides that, try to keep the crosshair position at eye level, aka a straight ahead view. both the position where there is no enemy, and when there is an enemy.

because the position of the crosshair that is at eye level will make shooting control more comfortable, especially for shotgun weapons

Method 2: Squat Stand

this second method is very useful for getting headshots in free fire

In the past, this method was very phenomenal even become a mainstay of pro players so they can headshot in FF. how not, the trick is simple, it just takes hand speed.

Besides that, it’s also a bit difficult at the beginning because it takes habit too

the result? yeah the average headshot is yaa

How to?

First, if you see an enemy, immediately squat down and aim AIM at the enemy using a score. Try to do it quickly so that you are not immediately attacked by the enemy

headshot ff

remember .. this trick is effective for enemies whose distance is medium – far. if the enemy is close, you better use the drag up trick / Method 1 earlier

second, then you stand up, then immediately shoot the enemy. A little explanation, when you stand up, your crosshairs will also lift, so you automatically shoot at the head

apk headshot ff
headshot cheats

The order is like this: Squat > Scope the enemy > stand up > shoot

remember, it must be done quickly

with this trick, maybe you will immediately headshot. depending on the situation too. My advice, always get used to it and always practice because using this trick requires hand speed. if this trick feels useless, please continue to the next headshot method

Method 3: Navigate to the Head

The third method is very simple, the explanation is also simple. But you also shouldn’t underestimate the power of this headshot method, you will easily kill the enemy

How to?

when you aim the crosshair at the enemy using a scope, make sure you aim at his head (aim directly at the head)

This method requires precision and foresight. Just point it slightly up so that the bullet doesn’t miss later. You can use the help of a scope so you can more easily aim at his head

For enemies with a distance that is too close, or enemies that suddenly appear, you might be a bit surprised if you are not used to it. so you can combine it with other tricks to make it more stable

Method 4: Cheat Auto Headshot Free fire

a little phenomenal, but this is one way of headshot in Free fire, namely through the Auto Headshot cheat

but I remind you, I don’t recommend this fourth method because it can have the risk of being banned or other things. if you use it risk of sin, banned etc everything is your responsibility

The advantage of using the Auto Headshot Free fire cheat is that you will get 100% headshot

you will very easily kill your opponent with this ff headshot cheat. booyah you will get it very easily too

to use this Headshot cheat, you can use the FF headshot Apk or the Auto Headshot Script in FF

Headshot Sensitivity Settings

The important thing in this free fire headshot technique is a comfortable sensitivity according to your own. If the sensitivity is comfortable, your shooting skill (AIM) will increase

So, everyone has their own taste for sensitivity. Some like the sensitivity lowthere are those who like sensitivity mediumthere are also those who like sensitivity tall

How to make a comfortable sensitivity?

What you should know is, what kind of person are you who likes sensitivity. Low, Medium or High??

After that you go into settings and just oprek oprek settings look around. If you think it’s not fast enough, then add the number. if it’s too tight, then lower it

Lazy to set the FF headshot sensitivity? see a collection of settings settings below

1. Sensitivity Settings

setting ff auto headshot
  • look around : 55
  • Red Dot Sight : 80
  • 2x scope : 70
  • 4x scope : 80
  • AWM scope : 50

2. Control Settings

This section has several settings. Don’t be confused, because it’s really difficult to set it up. Well, you can also cheat like in the picture above

this setting is not too significant to make you headshot fast, but it will help you get to headshot

So, that was a brief explanation about the sensitivity setting, if you want more detail + tips, you can read the FF auto Headshot setting.

Tips for Maximizing Headshots

In order to maximize when using this ff headshot method, there are some tips that I will share.

1. Use AR Weapons

Compared to SMG, AR weapons have greater damage, so even when headshots the damage is greater as well.

Ideally, to use this ff headshot method, use AR weapons.

don’t forget to always use a weapon that is full of attachments so that the weapon has low recoil and is more stable.

2. Use Shotgun Senjata

It’s no secret that the shotgun is very effective at killing enemies in an instant when the enemy is close.

So my advice, apart from using AR, you can also use shotguns

if you shoot with a shotgun and hit the head, very likely the enemy immediately died

I have summarized 7 Headshot Shotgun Tricks on FF that you can read and learn more about to make it easier to get the headshot

3. High Ground Position

As I said above, that the High ground position has more headshot opportunities.

If your position is lower than the enemy, be careful because you could be killed. For that you can overcome it by looking for an equivalent position with the enemy

4. Watch Pro Player Gameplay

So that you understand better, you can watch a video of one of the Free Fire Headshot Techniques above (Method 1: drag to the head) which was uploaded by Wawan MKS below.

well that’s how the headsot I can convey. Don’t forget to always practice so you get better

Good luck

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