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4 Easiest & Effective Ways to Overcome Lag in FIFA Mobile

Lag when playing our favorite games like FIFA Mobile is definitely very annoying because we can’t play games optimally. Instead of having fun, we are stressed about our games that are lagging badly, and looking for reasons that are not certain.

Even though how to overcome lag in FIFA Mobile is very easy. You just need to follow the steps in this article and it is guaranteed that your FIFA Mobile game will run smoothly without any disturbance.

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How to Overcome Lag in FIFA Mobile

A lot of lag can come from a disorganized internet network or your cellphone with low specifications so that it is not strong enough to support a game system that is too heavy. You can follow these tips so you can overcome HP lag when playing FIFA.

Lag Due to Network

FIFA Mobile Network Lag (1)

The FIFA Mobile game is famous for its many loadings even though we only want to change from one menu to another. Sometimes it takes a long time to load and ends up failing or reconnecting. That way the game responds that you have a bad connection on FIFA Mobile.

That’s the main reason for the lag in your FIFA Mobile game, namely the network. This time will provide how to fix lag in FIFA Mobile so that you can play football in smartphones smoothly. Because the main problem is on the internet, what must be fixed is your internet, the first step you have to do is as follows:

1. Use PING Booster

The first easiest way is to use the PING booster. This first method is the easiest because you only need to download the SUPER PING application on the Play Store. After downloading and installing it you can open the application. You will be shown several network upgrade options, you just have to try them one by one, and adjust which mode is most suitable for your network upgrade.

2. VPN

VPN can also be a chow to fix lag in FIFA Mobile which is accurate when dealing with a disorganized internet network, because Indonesia is a country with the slowest internet network in the world. You can change the location of the internet signal to a country with a strong internet network like the United States.

Lag Due to HP

The network is not only the main problem when experiencing lag, there may be other more fatal problems, even though your network is very, very stable. The next problem that causes lag may lie in your phone starting to sputter.

1. Clear Storage

Chow to fix lag in FIFA Mobile swiftly when your cellphone starts, the potato is to clean up your internal storage. You can delete useless files, or move them to an external memory such as an SD Card. In addition, you can also free up your storage by deleting applications that are not important so that the FIFA Mobile game can run smoothly.

2. Change Graphics Quality

If your cellphone is very potato and you still want to force play FIFA Mobile without lag, the solution is to change your cellphone. But changing the cellphone is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, especially for cellphones with good specifications. So the solution is to lower the graphics quality of FIFA Mobile, because game developers have provided this feature. In conclusion, don’t force your HP to work too hard.

More or less that’s how to deal with broken FIFA. You will not experience any cracks or lag again after following the above method. Hope this helps and have fun.

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