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32+ GTA 4 Cheats for PC, PS3, Xbox and how to enter them

Cheats have become inseparable for GTA games, from the earliest version until Rockstar Games released GTA 4, all of them have their own cheats. You can get the most complete GTA 4 cheats, you can get them in the article entitled Cheats GTA 4 PC, PS3, Xbox.

Cheats for GTA 4 PC, PS3, Xbox are not too many but you can still use them, because the available cheats are not just for doing silly things. The following GTA 4 Indonesian cheats are really useful for performing various actions.

There is one thing you need to know when you use cheats, your game can potentially be disabled for achievements and trophies. Make sure you don’t use cheats on your main map, especially if the missions haven’t been completed. You better make a new game map and try the cheats on the new map.

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Cheats GTA 4 PC, PS3, Xbox Complete

Grand Theft Auto 4 cheats PC, PS3, Xbox

GTA 4 cheats are a little different than other versions of Grand Theft Auto. Cheat GTA 4 PC, PS3, Xbox has the same cheat code, which is a combination of numbers that form a series and looks like a cell phone number that must be dialed.

1. Character Upgrade Cheat

The cheat below is useful for making your character more fully power, with certain strengths and fully armed. Unfortunately the GTA 4 cheat money, and the GTA 4 unlimited money cheat are not available in the GTA4 version. Rockstar decided not to provide a money cheat feature for GTA 4 and GTA 5.

Maximum Armor Blood362-555-0100
Maximum Blood, Armor, Bullets482-555-0100
Super Punch276-555-2666
Weapon Set 1486-555-0150
Weapon Set 2486-555-0100
Explosive Sniper486-555-2526
Lower Wanted Level 267-555-0100
Raise Wanted Level 267-555-0150
Change Weather468-555-0100

2. Car Cheats

Cheat Lamborghini GTA, not available but you can still get a Lamborghini Car or Infernus Car (as it is called in the game) by receiving gifts from the character in the GTA game named Brucie. You will get this super car after following the storyline in the GTA game.

Cognoscenti Car 227-555-0142
Comet Car 227-555-0175
FIB Buffalo Cars 227-555-0100
SuperGT Mobil Cars 227-555-0168
Turismo Car 227-555-0147
Bullet GT227-555-9666
Slamvan Car826-555-0100
Burrito Car 826-555-0150
Banshee car265-555-2423

3. Motorcycle Cheats

Besides cars, you can also get various types of motorbikes, and bicycles which make your map exploration more flexible, when compared to bringing a car.

NRG-900 . Motorcycle 625-555-0100
Trail Bike625-555-0150
Akuma Motorcycle 625-555-0200
Vader’s Motorcycle625-555-3273
Double T . Motor 245-555-0125
Hakuchou Motorcycle 245-555-0199
Hexer Motor 245-555-0150
LCC Innovation 245-555-0100

4. Military Vehicle Cheats

The GTA 4 military vehicle cheat below is complete from land vehicles in the form of panzer cars, ships, helicopters and don’t forget to parachute.

Spawn APC 272-555-8265
Jetmax Ship Spawn 938-555-0100
Spawn Ship Floater 938-555-0150
Spawn Helicopter Annihilator 359-555-0100
Spawn Helicopter Buzzard359-555-2899
Spawn Parachute359-555-7272

How to Enter GTA 4 Cheats PC, PS3, Xbox

Because the combination of cheats is different from other GTA versions, you must be confused about how to use it. For the PC version, the keyboard provides complete numeric characters, but you still can’t enter GTA 4 cheat code combinations by simply pressing the numbers with the keyboard.

Especially for the PS3 and XBox versions where the operation of entering commands using a small controller stick is limited, the available buttons are limited, and it seems impossible to provide numeric buttons. So that you don’t get confused about how to use the GTA 4 cheat for PC, PS3, Xbox, along with, we will tell you how to use the GTA 4 cheat:

Tutorial Entering Cheats GTA 4 PC, PS3, Xbox

  1. Open Nico’s phone. The trick is to press the button on the controller stick, or your keyboard.
  2. Press the key again to bring up Nico’s phone keypad.
  3. Enter the cheat you want by entering the number combination on Nico’s cellphone keypad.
  4. Press the call button (green) to activate the cheat you choose.
  5. You will get a notification that chat has been activated.

Important Things To Enable Cheats

  1. You don’t need to use additional applications to enter cheats.
  2. You only need to access the cheat by using the cellphone brought by Niko Bellic, the main character of Grand Theft Auto 4. It is used the same way when you want to make a phone call, by entering a certain number combination.

So easy isn’t it how to activate the Grand Theft Auto 4 cheat for PC, PS3, Xbox? The number of cheats is also quite a lot so you can try various cheats in the game. Hopefully it helps and you guys have no trouble activating the cheat. Good luck and have fun with the Grand Theft Auto 4 Game and also the cheats.

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