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3+ Ways to Maximize Worker Performance in Black Desert Mobile

One of the features in Black Desert Mobile which has many benefits and functions is Worker. Now, this worker is needed in building construction. Therefore, you need these tips to maximize Worker performance in Black Desert Mobile.

Some of the core discussions of the article are to thoroughly discuss what workers are, their functions, and tips to increase the level and characteristics of workers in Black Desert Mobile.

Guide Worker in Black Desert Mobile

Workers are very useful for building Camps. Usually when you first open a Camp, you are given 2 workers by default. Howeveryou can still upgrade more Workers in your Camp and recruit them via PUB in Black Desert Mobile.

In addition, you can also use contribution coins to hire workers. So, to get these points, you can complete daily missions in BDM.

In addition, you can also fire the worker when you need contribution coins. Calmly firing him doesn’t cause your points to be lost, but will be returned in full.

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Types of Worker in Black Desert Mobile

There are a total of five types of Worker in Black Desert mobile and are distinguished based on the color of the worker itself. The highest colors are Yellow, Purple, Green and the lowest is White.

The following is the price of each Worker in Black Desert Mobile.

Rank WorkersContribution PointsMaximum Level
White Worker210
Green Worker320
Blue Worker530
Purple Worker840
Yellow Worker1250

How to Maximize Worker Performance in Black Desert Mobile

After knowing the types of workers, next you need to maximize the performance of workers. So, here are some tips that you can use to make the most of it.

1. Understand Worker Statistics

black desert mobile worker performance

When buying a Worker, you should pay attention to the statistics of the Worker. This is no less important. The reason is by knowing the statistics of your workers. you can maximize its performance.

There are 3 Types of Stats of the Worker such as Vitality, Strength, and Toughness. What needs to be considered is the higher indicator of the worker. The following are the advantages and functions of this type of worker stats in Black Desert Mobile.

A. Vitality

These statistics can help you gather resources, so if your worker has high vitality, then the worker can collect quickly.

However, the advantage was that workers with high vitality had less food consumption compared to workers with low vitality. This of course can save your workers’ food sources.

B. Strength

Strength-type workers can help you build a Camp quickly. the faster your worker’s power level, the faster he can work.

C. Toughness

Toughness or Agility Worker can be used when doing Crafting. Similar to the previous two worker types. The higher the level of toughness of your worker, the faster the crafting process is carried out.

2. Increase Worker Level

black desert mobile worker performance

For maximum Worker Performance, of course you have to increase the Worker Level. To upgrade it is quite easy, you just need to send them to a different place when collecting. that way, your workers will get more EXP and other things that help to level up.

The following is a list of the amount of EXP that workers can get in order to increase your workers optimally.

  • Gathering 1 Hour – 80 EXP
  • Gathering 2 Hours – 120 EXP
  • Gathering 4 Hours – 240 EXP
  • Gathering 8 Hours – 480 EXP

When your worker has reached the max level, you can promote it to a higher level. For example, when you have a white worker with a maximum level, you can promote it to green.

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3. Tips for using Worker to the maximum

black desert mobile worker performance

In addition to increasing levels, you also need to employ your workers to the maximum, in short, the ones whose names are workers, so you as the boss must direct them to maximize their performance.

1. First tip, when you rent a Town Hall, you can get a lot of in-game inns. The inn will help get more workers.

2. Second TipWhen you want to have a higher level worker, then you have to spend a lot of contribution coins to get it.

3.Third tipFor beginners, when just starting to play, focus on your goal to reach Town Hall 3 and at least build 2 inns in the Camp, this allows you to employ 16 workers and you can use them in the game.

4. Fourth tip, Make sure all your workers have the same level, in order to get efficient performance. If you get a gift, give it to a lower level worker.

The final word

So that’s how to maximize workers in Black Desert Mobile. Hopefully the tips above can help you increase your worker level and maximize the resources in the game. Workers are solely to be employed to the maximum so that the results you get can improve your character quickly. May be useful.

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