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3 Ways to GB MMR Hero in the Latest Mobile Legends

How to GB MMR Hero in Mobile Legend– If you want to be a top hero player, you must have a lot of MMR heroes, the more the higher the rank. For example, if you want to be a top local/global Alucard player, then you must have as many Alucard heroes as possible.

How to get mmr hero? that is by way of main ranked, then you will get your favorite mmr hero.

What is GB MMR in Mobile Legend?

MMR stands for Match Making Rating. which means the total Hero points you get from the main ranked

The function of MMR itself is as information or a benchmark for how pro we are in mastering the hero. Not only that, MMR can also be used for self-esteem and Squad benchmarks when looking for players

Well next, what is GB?

linguistically, the abbreviation of GB is uncertain. But literally, GB means a trick that aims to get as much profit (for example mmr and rank) as possible, in a rather fraudulent/fast way.

The point is, if we want to get a lot of mmr heroes, you have to play ranked with that hero (the hero you want to increase the mmr for) continuously.

So, how do you get the GB MMR hero in Mobile Legend?

3 Ways to GB MMR Hero in Mobile Legend

Well, here’s how to GB Mmr hero in mobile legends, so you can enter your local top or local top hero

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Method 1 – GB MMR Hero with VPN

gb mmr hero ml

What does VPN mean? VPN is short for virtual private network. In Mobile legend, VPN itself is a powerful weapon in order to increase the MMR hero and rank.

So VPN will be used to switch servers to other countries. Now, the country that we will target to switch servers is a country where the average player is Noob. For example, Japan, Myanmar, India, and especially small countries like the Maldives

When we want to change the server (country), try you guys choose a country that contains all noob players. So, how do you use a VPN so that the server can be changed?

  1. Download Turbo VPN here

    . actually you can use other VPNs, Turbo VPN is just an example

  2. Open Turbo VPN, then click the globe image in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose an Indian server (for example) / choose another country with all noob players
  4. Then just click Connect

So, until here, you can login to the Indian server. Now, how to check whether it’s working, by checking/looking at the flag of your team/opponent when you want to match. If someone uses the Indian flag, it means it’s working.

The benefit of using a VPN is that we can fight bots. Bot means a really noob opponent, so we can master the match and it’s easy to win the match.

Method 2 – GB MMR Hero ML with a Sacrificial Account

gb mmr mobile legends

How to GB mmr this Mobile Legend hero uses a sacrificial account. Actually, this second method can also be used as a GB rank. So there are 2 functions of this second method, namely GB mmr as well as GB rank.

Yeah, for the way


  1. we prepare 5-10 HP (you can GB with your friends)
  2. then we prepare 3 or 5 main ML accounts that we want to increase MMR and rank
  3. Then also prepare 2,3 or 5 sacrificial accounts

the method

  1. Make 2 rooms (one is for the main account, and the other is for the victim account)
  2. Well, our goal is so that our main ML account can meet (become opponents) with our victimized account
  3. preferably click match together so that the possibility of the original account meeting the victimized account can be greater
  4. Now, if we have found the victim account, we will leave it AFK, then we will play the main account.

With this second method, I am 100% sure it will be Auto win. Because this second method has risks, so there are also tips so that your account is still safe. for example: don’t use it in a row so that your account is not suspected

Method 3 – Using fake GPS

This third method is different from the previous method. because in this way we will focus on finding Low MMR locations in mobile legends, so that we can become top local / top areas in the region easily

then how do you get a local top title using fake GPS?


  1. Download fake gps

Step Step

  1. Go to HP settings > click about Mobile
  2. Click 10x on “software version number” (every phone may be different, please google it yourself if it’s different)
  3. Next, go to developer options > enable usb Debugging section
  4. look for the option “Fake Location Apps / Copy Location Apps / Fake GPS apps” > select Fake gps apps
  5. Exit settings > open fake GPS
  6. select the location you want > then click play in the lower right corner
  7. Open Mobile legends > click leaderboard > address > click the gear icon in the top right corner > then click OK, if the location is the same as the fake gps
  8. Finally, play 1 match so that the location can change

if you are confused about finding a good location, you can read the Fake GPS Location of Lonely Mobile Legends

How to Calculate MMR in Mobile Legends

so actually to calculate the MMR is done automatically by the system. however, you can also find out how the system calculates MMR heroes..

Here’s the Count

Total MMRWhen Win RankWhen you lose rank
-1000 Points+20 – 25 Points – 1 – 3 Points
+1000 Points+20 – 25 Points – 1 – 3 Points
-2000 Points+20 – 25 Points – 1 – 3 Points
+2000 Points+ 7 – 14 Points – 2 Points
-3000 Points+ 7 – 14 Points – 2 Points
+3000 Points+ 1 Point – 15 – 20 Points


  • The size of the points is calculated from the medals that you can rank (bronze, silver, gold or MVP)

Can GB be at risk of being banned? as long as you are GB mmr with a certain trick, I’m sure your account won’t get banned. But if you GB mmr carelessly, then your account could be banned. But just relax, 2 GB mmr methods are very unlikely to get banned.

So that’s the GB MMR method in mobile legends. May be useful

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