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3 Ways to 100% Meet Mobile Legend Bots in Rank & Classic (Without VPN)

How to Fight Mobile Legend Bots in Rank & Classic- For those of you who are always hit by a losing streak, it’s right for you to come here.

after reading this post and applying it, you will be able to win streak. This time I want to share a way so that you can meet easy and noob opponents, aka BOT.

Actually this can be categorized as a Cheat Mobile Legend, but it can also not. For how to find a mobile legend bot, it’s very easy, and of course it gives quite an astonishing effect. Hehehe

Then, what is BOT mobile legends? BOT is against computer when the match, the game doesn’t have a strategy, it’s careless and of course Noob.

The point is, BOT is a very noob opponent. So you can easily win the match.

Benefits of meeting mobile legend BOT

There are many benefits that you get from meeting bots. Here are the benefits

  • easy to win match
  • GB Rank Mobile Legend
  • GB MMR Mobile Legend
  • GB Savage
  • The stats in terms of 6 will also be bigger
  • win rate will increase
  • the number of Savage, Maniac, Legendary and MVP can also increase

so many people are eager to meet BOT opponents. But my advice is, don’t rely on bots all the time. There are many ways for PRO to play Mobile Legends, so you can win pure

3 Ways to Meet Mobile Legend BOT

Getting a BOT opponent is an incomparable pleasure. Well, is there the risk of meeting Bot Mobile legend? so this method is not risky (but there are some risks, I’ll give you a trick later to be safe).

You can play this way freely, anytime, without fear of risk of being banned.

I will share 3 ways to meet bots in Mobile Legends. just see how bro

1. Mobile Legend Bot APK

met a permanent ml bot

you can use this Mobile Legends Bot application permanently, as long as the application still supports the Mobile Legend version

Warning! This method can cause you to get banned if you play in Ranked. So this application is only for playing in Classic yaa

a. Mobile Legend Bot Apk Download

you can download it here. This application is the Permanent Mobile Legends Bot Apk which you can download at the link above

b. Install the Bot Mobile legends application

The installation method is the same as installing applications in general, it’s very easy…

This bot application has almost the same icon as the mobile legends icon, the difference is that there is a bot written on it. After that you go to app this, look at the following picture

mobile legend bot app

c. Play the Game

the next step is that you play mode classic. Remember, don’t play Ranked mode so that your account isn’t banned.

You can play wisely so that your activities are not suspected by Moonton. With this you can get Savage, Mvp, Kill a lot easily

2. BOT Classic 15 Match

ml bot app

This is the way to Bot mobile legends without VPN without APK, the nature of this second way too permanent. Maybe this is the easiest way and without capital.

but.. even so, there are conditions

  • The number of matches must be more than 500
  • You must first win 15 matches in a row
  • Must play solo

You must fulfill all of the above conditions first. and don’t let anything fail

After that?

after you meet the requirements get the bot above, match Classic then you will most likely meet Mobile Legend BOT. To find out if you have met a bot, here are the features

  • Mobile legend bot uses default avatar when matching
  • When selecting a hero, the bot will use the execute spell
  • when loading into a match, BOT will use the execute spell
  • You will meet BOT in seconds 55-1.05

The taboo when you get BOT

there are some taboos when you get BOT in Mobile legends this way. If you violate this taboo, you will lose this permanent BOT Mobile legend. What are the taboos?

  • You can’t lose against bots
  • you can’t AFK when fighting bots

if the taboo above is easy enough. Oh yeah, this bot only applies to classics

3. Using a VPN

meet bots without vpn

This method is suitable for those of you who want a way to continue to win in the mobile legends rank

What is a VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. In essence, we will use a VPN to look for BOT opponents.

In the VPN we have to choose a server location or country that would be Noob in playing Mobile Legends.

For example, I use a Singapore VPN server, so the team and opponents will be mostly Singaporeans. If we use an Indian VPN server, our team and opponents will come from India.

So, can you change the flag?

Now this is it, so changing the flag will not change the server, so if we change the flag to China, then the opponents and enemies are partly/half of them still Indonesians.

It’s different if we use a VPN, if we use an Indian VPN server, then the team and the enemy will mostly be from India and not Indonesia. So, how do you fight BOT with a VPN?

1. Download VPN Mobile legends

Actually all VPN applications can play mobile legends, but I love a free VPN and there is already a download link,

Read: 3 Free & Unlimited VPN For Mobile Legends

Well, you can download the VPN application for Mobile Legends via the following link. !Remember, all VPN applications can play Mobile Legends

The VPN below is a bit finicky to play ML, I suggest you guys to use another VPN. But the method is still the same in the following way

Download Turbo VPN here
Download Vypr VPN here

How to Fight Bots in Mobile Legends

2. Select Server Location

For example, I use Turbo VPN. You select the server country, for example India.


because many already know that the country India is a country that is really noob in playing Mobile Legends games.

Besides India, you can also choose any country that you think is a noob player. Click Connect.

3. Open Mobile Legends

congrats, you can play Mobile legends on the Indian server. Tips for using a vpn, before you want to rank, it is recommended that you try to match on classic first.

little info, loading when you first enter the game will take a long time, because it requires a pretty good internet connection. Not only that, loading during the match will also take a bit longer, about 1 minute more.

This is because on the country’s server there are still rarely ML players.

If when entering the game the loading doesn’t work, please exit the game, then enter again. Does it take too long to load? that’s how it is

How to Fight Bots in Mobile Legends

If the opponent’s flag is the majority of the Indian state or someone uses the Indian flag, then you have successfully entered the Indian state server. Enjoy the opponent BOT Mobile Legends

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This article is only informative, if you want to try it at your own risk

So that’s how you can fight BOT in mobile legends. Don’t forget to share this article, guys. If there is anything about BOT Mobile Legends that you want to ask, please comment below.

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