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3 Newest Free Fire BUG spots ALL Map + Complete method!!

for those of you who are looking for the latest bug ff place, this is perfect because I will share some bug spots and how to bug in those places. Of course, it’s still working right now

Indeed, when discussing the game, it can’t be separated from the bug, because the bug is an accidental mistake on the part of the developer who makes the game strange / something that shouldn’t be.

but bugs in the game are sometimes profitable, so sometimes they are used by players to benefit from these bugs. On the other hand, developers always don’t want these bugs because bugs can make the game unhealthy & unfair

sometimes even if you use bugs continuously, you can be warned by being temporarily suspended / banned

5 Free Fire Bug Spots

it should be noted that these bugs will not work along with the free fire game update itself.

then from that…

if the bug no longer works, please comment, I will update again in the future so that this article always works

make the bugs below as entertainment when you are bored and bored. Don’t use it for things that harm other players or Garena.

1. Brasilia – Purgatory

In addition to being the best looting place on the Purgatory map, Brazil is also one of the places for bug free fire which is quite useful for playing safe

well how to bug in this brasilia place?

ff bug place

First, visit the level house in the left corner of Brasilia. now you go to the top floor and use the gloo wall like in the picture above

brazilian ff bug

second, come out to the roof, then you guys jump on the gloo wall. So while squatting, you walk towards the roof

where ff bugs

thirdthen you will enter the roof and will not be noticed by the enemy

Now with this bug, you will be safer because you are hiding and will not be caught by the enemy, especially Brazil is tired in the middle so the safe zone will likely be with you. besides that you can target where the enemy is.

but the weakness of this bug is that you can’t shoot out so you have to go out first to shoot.

2. Council Hall – Kalhari

then the place where the FF bug comes from the kalhari map is in the city council hall. exactly to the left of the building. This bug will be very beneficial for you because a city council hall will be able to see see-through enemies, especially in the main building

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well this bug is a bug through the wall. curious? this is the bug method

place of kalhari ff

First, go to the side of the main building, then approach the pillar as above. well then you run towards the pillar then turn off the data, and wait for the ping to turn red

the place for bugs

Second, after the ping turns red, then you walk freely across the council hall. then you turn on cellular data

best bugs ff

third, after the connection is reconnected automatically, you will immediately enter the main building in that place. you are more free here because you can walk here and there

in that place you can hang out and watch the enemy pass by haha

3. Factory – Bermuda

This bug place is a pretty phenomenal and most delicious bug place. This place is in the factory on the bermuda map, where this is the best loot place on the bermuda free fire map

besides you can get good weapons, you can also feel the bugs here. Well, I’ll tell you where and how

the newest bermuda bug spot

first, you have to use a motorbike and then you go to the big tank in the upper left corner of the factory. just hit the tank using the motorbike while the motorbike is still running. then you turn off your cellular data until the ping is red

electric mars place

Second, after a red ping, start the motor and point it at mars electric. So, before going to Mars Electric, you turn your cellular data back on

ff bug

third, then you will suddenly fly up. but this is not the main bug. why is there a bug after this which is better

when you are flying, get off the motorbike before the motorbike has fallen to the ground. take it easy if your HP decreases

to get the main bug, you ride the red motorbike, then do the exact same steps as step first and second on. you hit the tank, then turn off the data, then you point the motor at the electric mars, then you turn on the data again

techno underground bug

fourth, then you will feel a bug in this factory place. those bugs will bring the bike and you guys down. Well, don’t forget to get out of the motorbike, okay?

well with the bugs in this place, you can feel the underground life of the bermuda map hahaha. you can even see the enemy

So, those are some places for free fire bugs and how to do it, I remind you once again, don’t use this bug too often because using bugs can make your account temporarily suspended/banned

don’t forget to comment if it doesn’t work so I can update again

good luck

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