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3 Hero Jungler Mobile Legends That Can Stop Wanwan

Difficulty against Wanwan? Don’t worry, just use these 3 jungler OP Mobile Legends heroes that can stop Wanwan very easily.

Wanwan has become the most popular marksman hero recently in Mobile Legends. Since the buff, his name has returned to the game meta.

Defeating Wanwan itself cannot be careless, it takes skillful abilities or special heroes to stop it.

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Like these three jungler heroes, it’s very easy to stop Wanwan’s op.


Lancelot Skin

Having agility that is far superior to Wanwan with damage and immunity from skill 2 makes Lancelot really very reliable to counter Wanwan.

Wanwan was very difficult against Lancelot, especially when skill 3 was still on cooldown.


Hero Assassin op mobile legends
Photo via IG Hensen FM

The werewolf is really a hero that the marksman, including Wanwan, really fears. Roger can kill very quickly when in his Wolf mode.

Even Wanwan won’t be able to attack Roger back, because Roger’s abilities are very terrible.


Hayabusa's New Skin

Lastly is Hayabusa, this hero is the most effective 100% stopping Wanwan. He has an ultimate that can destroy his opponent’s body from the inside.

Plus his movements are very agile and far away which makes Wanwan unable to do anything against him.

Those are the three OP Mobile Legends jungler heroes who can stop Wanwan very easily.

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