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20 Low MMR Countries Mobile Legends Auto Supreme? 2022

Becoming a top global hero and getting the supreme title in Mobile legends is what all players want the most. The problem is, in Indonesia itself, the competition for leaderbaord Hero is very high, so getting the title supreme is very difficult. It’s so difficult, some people even set their location to a low MMR country in Mobile Legends

Changing the location of Mobile legends to a country with a low MMR is a solution for those of you who want to have a supreme title but with a mediocre MMR Hero. We know that to be the top country in Indonesia, the MMR is at least 3500, and even that doesn’t necessarily come in

It’s different if you find a country that has few Mobile Legends players. The leaderboard competition will definitely be easier. so that if you don’t have to work too hard to increase the MMR Hero

20 Low MMR Hero Countries in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Low MMR Countries

As one of the best-selling games in the world, finding a location with a low MMR Hero is a difficult thing to do. We must be careful in choosing the country, so that we can enter the leaderboard and get the title supreme

Well, this time the techno sector will share a low MMR Hero country that you can sit on the leaderboard to get the Supreme Title. Which country is it?

Mobile Legends Low MMR Countries

  1. Poland
  2. Greece
  3. Bolivia
  4. romania
  5. Belarus
  6. Dutch
  7. Qatar
  8. China
  9. peru
  10. Mexico
  11. Kazakhstan
  12. Bulgaria
  13. Egypt
  14. Vietnamese
  15. Finland
  16. Ukraine
  17. Denmark
  18. German
  19. Kuwait
  20. Turkey

How to Use Fake GPS in Mobile Legends

So, those are some countries with low MMR Title Supreme in Mobile Legends. If you’ve read the previous article on, the list presented is more or less similar to the 18 Lonely Countries for Mobile Legends Players

Yes, it’s only natural because if there is a country that is empty of ML players, the level of competition in the leaderboard is also low. and that way the MMR Hero title supreme is also low

or if you want more details, you can check the 5 Lonely Fake GPS locations in Mobile Legends below

Tips for getting the title of Supreme Mobile Legends

title supreme mobile legends

Even though you have obtained data on which countries have low MMR, there are some obstacles that you may face. For example, the country has been targeted by many Mobile Legends players on the leaderboard

Indeed, it will be very difficult to get the supreme title with only MMR 1000, although for the senior title it is still very possible (if you use a country that has no ML players)

For that, you must not underestimate the leaderboards in these countries, you must always try to increase your MMR as high as possible in order to get the supreme title.

For that, it’s better for you to just focus on pushing MMR 1 Hero. Because if you focus on rank using the hero, it’s not impossible that you will be faster to get a high MMR. In addition, you should always be patient because winning is one of the keys to getting higher MMR points

There is nothing easy to get the supreme title, even if you have set it to a low MMR country in Mobile Legends, there will be your rivals in fighting for the title

The key is hard work and not giving up.


Using a small supreme MMR country in mobile legends of course when helping you to be able to occupy the top Hero leaderboard and get a title. However, of course this is not an instant way, suddenly with MMR 1000 you can already get the title Supreme

Good skills, and hard work remain the main keys in mastering the leaderboard of a Hero, wherever the location is. That’s all, hope it’s useful

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