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2 Ways to Cheat Auto Headshot Free Fire (APK MOD & Script)

Every day, Garena’s activities to eradicate cheaters are very active. starting from cheats that use APK Mods or scripts. For example, the most sought after cheat is the latest auto headshot free fire cheat

Even though the Garena system is getting sophisticated, there are cheaters who can still make this game easier with cheats.

this afternoon I discussed the Free Fire invulnerability cheat, now this time we will discuss one of the cheats in Free fire, namely auto headshot

With the auto headshot cheat, you can make enemies flat in an instant. so that it will be easier for you to get booyah

Types of Auto Headshot Cheats

The auto headshot cheat that we will discuss has 2 methods, namely by using Mod APKs and also cheat scripts

both have the same aim to make it easier for you to headshot. And according to the references that I saw, yes this is an Auto Headshot Anti banned cheat

Even though it’s labeled “anti-ban”, the Garena system isn’t stupid. there must be a way for Garena to find out the cheaters. Yes, it’s your business whether you want to use this cheat or not, all of that will be your responsibility

If it’s been permanently banned or a device has been banned, it’s also difficult to use the method of Recovering a banned FF Account

2 Ways to Cheat Auto Headshot Latest Free Fire

the latest ff auto headshot cheat

Alright, let’s just start the discussion. you need to remember that even though this cheat is labeled “anti-banned” (from the source), but all risks of being banned, sins, etc. are not our responsibility.

A. APK MOD Free fire Auto Headshot

Well, first of all, let’s start with the apk version first, okay?

This APK Mod by SHXD Free fire has many uses. for example, auto headshot, rain bullet, hack host, antenna, no parachute etc

the point is this free fire MOD is a complete package to make you booyah easily

so how?

1. Download the MOD APK

Well, I have prepared the download link for the cheat Auto headshot APK MOD Free Fire but don’t install it yet

2. How to Install

here are the stages of installing the free fire Auto headshot cheat with the MOD APK by SHXD

  1. Open file manager >> Android >> Data
  2. Look for the name com.dts.freefireth then rename it to com.dts.freefireth1
  3. After that back then File Manager >> Android >> OBB
  4. Look for the file whose name is dts.freefireth then rename also to dts.freefireth1
  5. Uninstall our original free fire application
  6. Next Install APK Mod by SHXD that you downloaded earlier
  7. if it’s already installed, open it File manager >> Android >> data
  8. Look for the file whose name is com.dts.freefireth1 then you change the name again to com.dts.freefireth
  9. In addition, also open the file located in Android >> OBB
  10. then you look for the file that is dts.freefireth1 then you change it to dts.freefireth

Now, all you have to do is play to your heart’s content

I think this cheat is enough to make you satisfied, but it will make you bored quickly because the opponent is so easy.

then there is a way to cheat Auto Headshot Free fire with a script

B. Script Auto Headshot Free Fire

apart from being in the form of an application, we will also discuss the auto headshot free fire cheat with the script method

This method is also easy to install

1.Download the Cheat Script

the following material you must download, namely the Auto Headshot Free Fire Script here.

besides that you also need ZArchiver to extract the file. Download link here

2. Step Step

auto headshot script
  1. Open Zarchiver then go to the file where you put the script earlier. Next you guys extract script (password: AYAMBEBEK)
  2. Then you copy / cut com.dts.freefireth then paste it in the folder below
headshot script ff
  1. Open Android
  2. Click Data
  3. Then paste here
auto headshot sensitivity setting

the last stage, you use the FF Sensitivity setting as above, and also setting dpi to 450

now that’s done, all you have to do is use it to play free fire

I remind you once again, the risk of being banned & all sins is borne by you guys

Make this article to increase knowledge only

OK, I hope it’s useful

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