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12 Ways to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Black Desert Mobile

How to increase Character Strength or CP in Black Desert Mobile Of course, it is very important in supporting your game. With high CP you can do tough missions so you can defeat raid bosses easily.

For that, I share how to increase character strength in Black Desert Mobile for you BDM players who want to have high CP but in a fast way.

Oh yes, you can also learn other BDM tips such as how to quickly level up your character and farming or grinding tips to increase silver coins in Black Desert Mobile, which I discussed earlier.

Before going into further discussion, it would be better if you understand what CP (Combat Power) is and its functions.

What is CP (Combat Power) and its function.

In a game MMORPG “CP” is a general term that is always present in games that have this genre. CP is very important in supporting the game because it has a very important function in the game itself.

In the game Black Desert Mobile Combat Power or abbreviated CP is the accumulation of all strength calculations which are calculated in the sum of the numbers of all gear, character levels, status increases, skill levels, and so on, so that these numbers can measure how strong your character is in the Black Desert Mobile game.

With high Combat Power will help you to do many activities, but is usually used to see if you can carry out the next big mission?

CP is also your benchmark when entering the next dungeon/city. In addition, to conquer a Dungeon Boss or fight a lot of monsters, of course, you must have high CP and good equipment in order to defeat him.

Therefore, we will present a tutorial on how to increase CP easily and quickly in general and thoroughly. Here’s how to quickly increase Combat Power in the game Black Desert mobile.

1. Raise Character Level

Like in the game MMORPG Generally, your level will determine how much CP you can accommodate. The faster the better.

Increasing the level is also not only shown to increase CP, but is a way to unlock various missions and activities in the game so that it can offer various options to increase the strength of your character.

Leveling up your character is also the easiest way you can do it, and almost all activities in BDM tell you to level up your character.

You can increase your level by participating in various main mini and side missions and various other activities.

In addition, you can quickly level up in the following ways: 11 Ways to Level Up Fast / Leveling Black Desert Mobile

2. Use Better Gear

increase cp black desert mobile

Using Gear with a high status is the second best way you can increase your Combat Power. But to get good gear you have to make more effort.

Usually to get good gear you can do simple things like farming or grinding, but the chance to get rare gear this way is very small.

The best source of gear you can get is to buy it at Shakatu’s Gear Shop. There you can buy it with Ancient Coins. But to get Ancient Coins, you have to use as many stamps as possible to fight Boss Rushes from your Camps. The higher your boss level, the more Acients Coin you get.

Interestingly in Shakatu’s Gear Shop you can get a variety of rare gear that can increase CP significantly.

3. Improve Character Skill

black dessert mobile

Increasing Character Skills is the best way to increase your CP power in Black Desert Mobile. Character skills are usually different with each class you use and have different interesting attacks.

To increase the character’s skill, you can do it through the Skills menu that you can access above the screen, but to upgrade it you need silver coins.

As an MMORPG game, you don’t actually need anything to improve your character’s skills, and only need to increase your level.


in BDM is a little different, apart from leveling up, you also need a special book to improve certain skills.

For example, when you want to level up Valkryrei’s Shield Throw, you will need Silver Coin, Basic Skillbook and Advanced Shield Throw.

Even so, to get these books we can get them in various missions that you complete. Of course, to get lots of books, the best way is to do farming or grinding.

But make sure when you farm enough on weak monsters, yes, so as not to damage your cellphone and can be done in a short time. Don’t get me wrong, even though the monsters are weak, they still drop good item drops.

Note: Getting a lot of Skillbooks does take a long time, the tips are, do farming automatically or you can play other games.

4. Increase Camp Level

increase cp black desert mobile

Camp has a very important role in Black Desert mobile. Camp can increase your character’s CP quickly.

In addition, the Camp is also a second home for you besides the Guild. Here you can hire Workers to take care of your Camp. With your camp you do a number of new buffs such as the crafting process which takes less time.

In addition, you can also expand your camp and build more building areas so you can hire more workers to increase your resources and Cp.

Combat Power is very important in Black Desert Mobile so increase your CP by all means!

5. Increase Gear Level

increase cp black desert mobile

In addition to wearing good gear, you can also increase your gear level to get bigger CP.

With Gear you can increase your attack as well as your overall defense, the higher your gear level, the higher the CP you will get.

Well, to increase the level of your gear you need a lot of enhancement stones, and to get it by farming or grinding as often as possible.

6. Unlock and Level up Dark Spirit

increase cp black desert mobile

In Black Desert Mobile there is a feature, namely Dark Spirit which serves to increase your CP.

Well here, you can get various special skills depending on your Dark Spirit level. In addition to Skills, increasing the level of Dark Spirit can also increase your CP.

To increase the Dark Spirit’s level you have to feed it with leftover equipment or with dark energy. You can get Dark Energy by completing missions or get it by farming and buying it at the shop.

In addition, there is also a mission from the Dark Spirit that you must complete every day. When finished, you will be given a gift, you could say the biggest role to increase CP is Dark Spirit.

7. Complete the Knowledge System

increase cp black desert mobile

Knowlegde system is a great resource to increase your CP in Black Desert mobile. You can earn Knowlegde by continuing to play in Black Desert Mobile.

You can unlock Knowlegde in ways such as meeting NPCs, discovering new areas, defeating powerful bosses, and also killing a number of regular mobs.

For example, when you’ve visited a new city and checked the list next to your map. So every NPC with a book displayed with their name will give you Knowledge if you talk to them.

You don’t need to talk to every NPC in Black Desert Mobile, because with this system you don’t need to visit every city, this can also save your playing time because it can be done in one go.

This system is one of the important methods that you can use to increase your CP quickly while increasing your level as well.

8. Reign with the Guild

Playing solo is not intended for this MMORPG game, so that’s why join a Guild. By joining a Guild, your character will get special buffs, passive skills, and exclusive missions that only guild members can accept.

But more importantly, you can claim daily archives that allow you to get boss scrolls that you can use against stage bosses to get Shakatu Coin.

In addition, Guild activities can also give you social points. The more Members who join the guild and the activity in the guild increases, the more social points you will get to increase your CP.

Joining a Guild is of course a very effective way to increase your character’s CP.

9. Fuse Crystal

Fuse Crystal can increase your CP! even most of your items embedded with two Crystals can increase your CP significantly.

Use Crystals with +ATK specs to increase your CP. Also pay attention to the Crystal and use the best Crystal you have so that your CP count is high.

How to get Crystals you can buy them in shops, boss rushes, acncient ruins, and in the Alchemy Lab in your Camp.

10. Lightstone Fuse

Besides Fuse Crystal, you can also use Lightstone Fuse to increase your CP. Lightstones are artifacts that are divided into 4 parts that can provide a high CP boost.

However, the effect of this fusion revolves around the success rate performed during Crystal fusion. In addition, Fuse Lightstone will also increase the damage from your Black Spirit during the fight.

Just like Crystal, Lightstone you can also get from the shop, defeating bosses, and others.

11. Take advantage of the Path of Power

combat power bdm

Path of Power is a very good basic guide on what to do in Black Desert mobile.

You can use Path of Power to increase CP and get good items. Path of Power is divided into 3 options namely Character, Camp and gear. Well, each choice has a series of achievements that you can complete like a horizontal skill tree. Now you have to complete the first task to unlock a new task and so on.

That way, you will get various items such as accessories, gear, to level up like Town Hall.

Each completed task mission will reward various items including Shakatu coins. Path of Power is certainly very useful for you to increase CP.

12. Do PvP in the Arena

increase cp in bdm

PvP Arena in Black Desert Mobile it can be unlocked when you reach level 30. By unlocking it you can participate in fighting against other players.

The presentation to win in this mode is indeed difficult, but it doesn’t matter, you just need to use it to increase your CP.

If you win the PvP arena then you will be given prizes such as silver coins and chests that may contain good items such as enhancement stones, weapons, armor stones, magic crystals, skillboxes and Shakatu coins.

Playing in the PvP Arena doesn’t always have to be true, because when you lose too, you will get a Ramoness score and also EXP which is only obtained when participating.

In addition, if you win, then you will get a lot of good pont and EXP to increase your level and CP.

The final word

So that’s the way Increase Character Strength (CP) in Black Desert Mobile (BDM). Hopefully these tips from can be useful and useful for you. Stay tuned for more game tips and tutorials. Have a nice play

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