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11 Best PSP / PPSSPP Game Download Sites [ISO, CSO, DLL]

PSP Game Download Site – After knowing how to download and install the PPSSPP game [ISO] on Android, you definitely need a ROM or PSP game file to play games on the PPSSPP emulator. On the internet there are many PSP games circulating, but many have problems with downloading files. Such as corrupt files, emulator force close when running games, broken, and others.

However, you don’t need to worry, because Segitekno will provide some recommendations for PSP game download sites. Of course, this site is trusted and the game is guaranteed to work smoothly on the PPSSPP emulator. Curious what the site is? Let’s see.

7 Best PSP Game Download Sites

As explained above, this time we will discuss some site recommendations for downloading PSP games. The following sites, you can use as references, which are certainly trusted and work 100% running on the PPSSPP emulator. What are the sites? Check out the following discussion.

Complete PPSSPP Game Collection

1. Coolrom

Coolrom PSP game download site

The first site you can choose is Coolrom. Coolrom is the best PSP game download site. In addition to providing PSP and other console games, Coolrom also provides various game console emulators. Plus there are also many tutorials on installing emulators and how to play existing console games.

How to download on Coolrom is also very easy, just one click on the PSP game file you can download. The dark theme brought by the Coolrom site adds to the elegance of this site. So, what are you waiting for, let’s download PSP games on Coolrom for free.

2. Emuparadise

Emuparadise PSP game download site

As explained in several previous articles about PPSSPP, Emuparadise is one of the best sites for providing a very complete PSP ROM. Emuparadise, in addition to providing PSP ROMs, also provides various other game console ROMs, almost the same as Coolrom. However, Emuparadise is more complete, in terms of the number of games provided.

Similar to Coolrom, Emuparadise also provides a forum to discuss problems experienced by emulator users and console ROM problems experienced.

Moreover, Emuparadise also provides various ROM versions from several countries, such as US, JPN, and other versions. Well, interested in trying to download the ROM on the Emuparadise site.

3. DownArea51

DownArea51 PSP game download site

Hearing the name of the site DownArea51, makes you remember the secret USA project about aliens, namely Area51. However, this site has nothing to do with Area51, maybe only the name is similar to Area51.

Similar to the two sites above, DownArea51 also provides various game console ROMs, one of which is the PSP. DownArea51 is a well-known game console ROM site that is visited by many ROM hunters. On this site, in addition to the complete game files, the download method and the simple appearance of the site make this site very easy to access. So it doesn’t hurt to download your PSP games on DownArea51.

4. Free Roms

Freeroms PSP game download site

Free Roms is the best PSP ROM download site that you must use as a reference to find PSP games for you to play. The advantage of this site is that you can download games or ROMs based on several categories. The categories are divided into three, namely Most Vote, Most Popular, and Highest Rated. So it will be easier for you to find your favorite PSP ROM.

Similar to the previous site, apart from providing ROMs or console games, this site also provides emulators for several consoles if you want to play other game consoles. The appearance of the website, which is very simple and without ads, may be a supporting factor for this website, which is very popular with people to download console games.

When downloading games, Free Roms also does not use third parties, where you can download games directly or directly. So, interested in downloading games easily on Free Roms?

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5. Hustler ROM

Hustler ROM PSP game download site

ROM Hustler is a PSP ROM download site that you must try. This site takes the same theme as Free Roms, the download method on this site is very easy and the display is simple. However, the slight problem with this site is that there are ads that are a little annoying.

ROM Hustler also provides a variety of available PSP ROM file types, such as ISO, CSO, and others. So if you have trouble downloading games on the above site, you can try the Hustler ROM to download PSP game files for free. Interested to try it?

6. Download ROMS

Download PSP game download site ROMS

Are you looking for a PSP game download site that has an elegant and modern theme? Maybe you can visit the Download ROMS site. This site provides a variety of well packaged PSP and other game console ROMs. Moreover, every given ROM list is equipped with a CD image.

Moreover, this site is very professional, without ads, and easy to download. Same with Free ROMS, Download ROMS also does not use third parties when downloading PSP roms. So, overall this site is the best site if you are concerned with comfort when downloading games. Interested in trying to download games on the Download ROMS site?

7. ROMS Portal

PSP game download site ROMS portal

Then there is the ROM portal, which is an alternative PSP game download site besides the six sites discussed above. It looks almost the same as Free ROMS equipped with the details of the ROM provided. Starting from ratings, pictures, to descriptions of the ROMs available on the ROMS Portal. Moreover, how to download this site is very easy.

8. Download PSP Games

small size ppsspp game download site

If you want to find PPSSPP game download sites and other games, can be the solution. Here you can download PSP games, PS Vita, PS4, PS3 etc. It’s very complete for the size of a game console download site

The games presented on this site are also very complete, not inferior to other sites. The game download link also includes release information, genre, language and screenshots.

9. CD Romance

small size psp game download site is a site that can also download games for PSP, PS1, PS2, Nintendo etc. Here you can download as many games as you want for free

Some things that are quite interesting about this website is that it is one of the small size PPSSPP download sites. In addition, every game that you will download includes a clear description of information and lots of screenshots

10. EmulatorGames

psp game download website is a psp game download site that I also recommend for you guys. A clean display and easy navigation are added points for this website. You will find it very easy to find various exciting and newest PPSSPP games

One of the drawbacks of this website is that there is no detailed information about the game along with the screenshots. so that the general description of the gameplay is like, it will be less

11. Segitekno

Yup, Sisiteko, the site you are currently visiting is also one of the best PPSSPP game download sites. Why? because here we also have hundreds of PPSSPP game download links that you can download


Although the Segitekno website does not focus on PSP only, we do have a collection of articles, tips and download links for PSP / PPSSPP games. You can find articles about PPSSPP in the Segitekno PPSSPP Category

So, what do you think about the seven best PSP game download sites? Which do you think is the best? Don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comments column below.

That’s it. May be useful.

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