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10 Ways to Overcome HP Lag/Broken When Playing AOV

10 Ways to Overcome HP Lag/Broken When Playing AOV– The most annoying thing when playing AOV is during Lag. Lag in Aov can make us lose, especially when ranked. Our star will go down.

how to overcome the arena of valor (AOV) lag is actually very easy. The important thing is that the cellphone is good, the connection is also good. If these two things have been met, I’m sure you won’t feel any lag when playing AOV, plus you won’t read the article. How to Overcome HP Lag/Broken When Playing AOV this.

The problem is, it’s also impossible for you to be willing to spend millions just to buy a god-spec cellphone and super fast Wifi just to play AOV? (except top players). Don’t waste money, it’s better to read the article on how to overcome lag in AOV here. Maybe who knows the lag on your HP is gone. So, how do you avoid lag when playing AOV?

10 Ways to Overcome HP Lag/Broken When Playing AOV

So, so that you are free from lag when playing AOV, I will give you a way to make the lag in AOV disappear. The point is, we have to empty or lighten the CPU and Ram of the cellphone so that when playing AOV it doesn’t lag. How to?

1. HP specs must be considered

AOV has minimum specs to play with. So your HP specs must be above or equal to the minimum specs to play AOV. If your HP spec is below the minimum spec, you can be sure that your HP will lag when playing AOV. Here are the minimum specs

For Android

  • CPU: 4 Cores (quad core) 1.2Ghz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Version: Android version 4.4(Kitkat)
  • Storage: 2GB

For Ios

  • Minimum: Iphone 5
  • Version: IOS version 7.0
  • Storage: 2GB

I remind you again, if your HP specs are still below the minimum limit, don’t be surprised if you lag, even force close when playing AOV. What if the specs are mediocre (for example, playing AOV on a 1GB HP Ram)? it can lag, it can also run smoothly, depending on how you manage and optimize so that it doesn’t lag when playing AOV.

2. Connection Must be Smooth

Next, the way to avoid playing AOV is to use a smooth connection. Suppose your cellphone is already good and the specs are also decent, but when playing AOV feels lag, it could be because of the connection factor.

Moba games like AOV require us to play with a smooth connection. The connection we need is a smooth and stable one, so if the internet speed is a bit lousy, it’s really not a problem. the way to keep the signal stable when playing AOV can be by using a connection stabilizer application. So that your connection will be more stable, and can reduce lag when playing AOV.

The name of the connection stabilizer application is Ping Tools Pro. So if you feel lag while playing AOV, it never hurts to try this application. You can download this application at

Download Ping Tools Pro

3. Graphic settings so low

Overcome AOV lag

Well, this method is very mandatory if you want to be free from Lag traps. Setting AOV Graphics to low can lighten the load on HP so that it can reduce lag. However, you know the effect is that the quality of the graphics will decrease. It doesn’t matter if the graphics quality is low, the important thing is that the game runs smoothly and the actual skills will come out hehehe.

4. Clean apps running in the background

Applications that you don’t close completely, make these applications run in the background, thus increasing the burden on HP performance. We recommend that you clean applications that are running in the background so that HP’s performance is lighter. Applications running in the background can also slow down the connection, because the connection will be shared with other applications. As a result, the internet connection is not the focus for AOV.

5. Cool the HP when it’s hot

Well, most AOV players often ignore this. When the cellphone is hot, it’s best not to play first because when the cellphone is hot, the HP performance will decrease, thus causing lag when playing AOV. If the HP feels hot, you should cool it down first. Do not cool the cellphone by putting it in the refrigerator, because this can damage the cellphone.

6. Don’t Play While Charged

bad effects of charging while playing aov

Playing AOV while charging HP is a big mistake. Because, you will get a bad impact when playing AOV while charging. First, when playing AOV while charging, it can cause lag, thereby reducing player comfort. Second, it can make HP batteries quickly swell (certain). So don’t play AOV while charging, wait until it’s full then we’ll play AOV.

7. Use Game Booster for HP

game booster aov

Using a Game booster when playing AOV can make the CPU and RAM more spacious. So that it can overcome the lag on AOV. Well, it is recommended that you use a game booster application to play AOV. You can download it at the following link

Download Game Booster

8. Restart to Factory settings

This method of overcoming AOV lag is an emergency method. You have to think about it before restarting the cellphone to factory settings / factory reset. After doing a factory reset, CPU, Ram, Rom etc will be very relieved. Your HP performance will also increase, so you can overcome lag in AOV

9. Change HP

If the method above has been done, but it still lags. So, you know what the cause is. Yes, your cellphone is not strong enough to play AOV. My advice is, it’s better to replace the HP with a more capable spec. Pati after you change HP, the lag in AOV will disappear. But yeah, it drains our money hehehe

So, that’s how to overcome HP lag/breaks when playing AOV. May be useful

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