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What is UID Free Fire? This is the explanation

What is UID Free Fire — Maybe most Free Fire players still don’t know what Free Fire UID is. Therefore, today we will discuss together what UID is in Free Fire. This is very important because the UID Free Fire is a common thing that Garena Free Fire players must know. Read also: How to Buy Special AirDrop Free Fire with Telkomsel Credit.

UID Free Fire is

UID Free Fire is one of the unique numbers in your FF account. This unique number was created by Garena for you since you first created a Free Fire account. Yes, if people say, Free Fire’s UID is User ID.

What is UID Free Fire?

The meaning of UID Free Fire has been answered above. Free Fire UID is User ID. This User ID is a unique combination of numbers given by Garena. For those of you who still don’t know where the UID Free Fire is, please go to your profile section so you will be able to see it. Read also: How to Unbind Free Fire Account.

The usefulness of UID Free Fire is very important, for example if you are participating in a tournament. Because sometimes for registration, you have to include your FF UID.

Conclusion What is UID Free Fire

It can be concluded that the Free Fire UID is the User ID of your Free Fire account. This FF UID is in the profile section of your FF account.

That’s our information about what is UID Free Fire. Hope this explanation is useful for you. Read also: How to Get Free Emotes on Free Fire.

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