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What is Purgatory Free Fire? This is the explanation

What is Purgatory — With the new feature update on February 25, 2022, Free Fire now has to give up one of their playing maps, which is called the Purgatory map. Then if there are Free Fire players who ask what Purgatory is, then the answer is obviously one of the battle maps in the Free Fire game. Read also: CC Free Fire Money Get Free Diamonds.

What is Purgatory FF

The Purgatory Free Fire map has been officially removed from the ranked mode of the Free Fire game. Following the Kalahari Free Fire Map which was released today. But if you don’t know what Purgatory Free Fire is then maybe you know it by the term Mad Dog Free Fire.

What is Purgatory?

Once again, we will give a brief explanation. What is Purgatory is a Free Fire game battle map that is in ranked and classic mode. The Purgatory map is quite extensive. Many players choose to play on the Purgatory map because there is a lot of loot in it. Read also: How to Get Permanent Weapons in FF.

The problem is that today February 25, 2022 coincides with the Free Fire maintenance, the Purgatory Map must be deleted and replaced with the Kalahari map and the new Free Fire training mode.

Purgatory Free Fire Map Removed

Even though the Free Fire purgatory map has now been removed from the classic and ranked mode, it turns out that you can still play on the Purgatory Map at 18.00 – 22.00 WIB every day. The Purgatory map was not completely deleted, it’s just that this map appears in rush hour mode only.

That’s all our information about what is Purgatory Free Fire. Hopefully the information from us is useful and useful for you. Read also: Map Details of Kalahari Free Fire.

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