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The Sick Aldous Emblem & One Hit Build Must Be Used 2022

The Sick Aldous Emblem – Now Mobile Legends still dominates in the most popular online MOBA genre game in the world, especially in the Southeast Asia region, especially in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia. Mobile Legends has presented 5 versus 5 team battles with fierce matches.

As you know Aldous is the sickest hero in the Fighter role. Aldous is famous as the deadliest hero and can eliminate enemies with just one attack using skill 1 because he has combined the sick Aldous Emblem.

The main strength possessed by Aldous being in skill 1 will strengthen Basic Attack, the skill will get a stack that serves to increase damage. Although all the skills that Aldous has such as skill 2 and ultimate are very useful. But you need to know that so that Aldous can produce big damage, players must add the right Build item and sick Aldous Emblem.

Now for Mobile Legends game lovers who want to use Aldous, but don’t know how to choose the arrangement of the sick Aldous emblem and its build, please read the full information below.

Aldous Mobile Legends

Aldous Mobile Legends Emblem Aldous Hurts

Aldous is the best Fighter role hero which is currently still often used in rank and tournament modes such as MPL Season 8 and M3 used by RRQ Xinnn because it has enormous damage when entering the lategame.

Aldous has a shield that makes the hero thicker and his mobility is fast making Aldous often used by many people. Aldous’ one skill named Contract: Soul Steal it is able to collect a stack of 500 every time it eliminates enemies, minions, buffs and creeps and can produce greater damage.

In addition, this hero has skills ultimate which can open a useful map to see all the opponent’s positions and lock enemy heroes from afar easily. Therefore, players must combine the sick emblem, build items and the correct battle spell. So that you can use Aldous to the maximum, you need to set the build, battle spell and the sick Aldous emblem which Ulingame game will share below.

Aldous Mobile Legends Stats

mobile phone2718Where405
HP Regen9.8Where’s Regen18
Physical Attack129Magic Power0
Physical Defense21Magic Defense15
Attack Speed1.04Movement Speed260
Attack Speed100%

The Sick Aldous Emblem

Assassin's Emblem Aldous Emblem of Sick Aldous

The combination of the sickest emblems for Aldous hero to use as a Hyper Carry or Goldlaner role, namely the Assassin Emblem with Talent battle effect Killing Spree Level 1 combined with Agility Level 3 (Movement Speed ​​+6.00%) and Invasion Level 3 (Physical PEN +6.00).

This emblem can restore HP by 15% and increase Movement Speed ​​by 20% with a cooldown of 5 seconds. The Killing Spree Talent Emblem will activate automatically if you kill the enemy.

Build Items Aldous Hurts

Aldous is included in the list of strongest heroes in Land Of Down for the current meta. Aldous is the most used Fighter role for push rank, to be placed sideline or Hyper.

Aldous has been released for quite a long time and is known as the sickest damage hero in lategame. It’s no wonder that many players in the Legend Aldous tier rank mode have become the biggest banned levels to date in National and International Tournaments. Therefore, so that Aldous can have even higher damage, you need to add the build item below.

Battle Spell Aldous

Retribution And Flicker Aldous Emblem Aldous Sick

If you put Aldous as Hyper Carry, then you must use Battle Spell Retribution. The spell will deal 150% damage to Creeps and minions and for enemy heroes it will deal True Damage and HP equal to 12.5% ​​of the user’s Max from the target for 5 seconds.

However, if Aldous is placed as a Goldlaner, then it is better to use the Flicker spell so that he can escape from the opponent’s attack easily.

Counter Aldous Mobile Legends

You need to know, actually Aldous can only be countered by heroes who have a CC (Crowd Control) aka Stun effect. The Crowd Control effect will later make it difficult for Aldous to move and difficult to get lifesteal and shield effects.

Even so, you need to use Aldous at the beginning because Aldous is the most OP hero that is still worth using and fighting for in rank mode. If Stack Aldous has reached stack 500, the damage that will be given is no medicine, Tanks can die with just 2 hits.

The final word

That’s the discussion from Ulingame about the composition of the sickest Aldous Emblem set as well as recommendations for the worst item build and selection of the best Battle Spell. Hopefully the reviews above can help Mobile Legends players to get the best emblem settings.

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