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The History of Free Fire's Beginning and Release - games

The History of Free Fire's Beginning and Release – Good afternoon how are you today, this time androidcame will give tips the latest about the free fire game, where this time we will discuss the history of Free Fire when it first started and when it was released. For those of you who are curious about this information, take a look, because only in this article the information is in accordance with Free Fire. Free Fire was founded on 27 November 2022 by Developer 1 FUSIONOPOLIS PLACE, 17-10, GALAXIS, Singapore and is offered or published by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED.

Currently Free Fire that has downloaded and played this game has reached 500,000,000+ on the Playstore, not to mention the download media for other applications such as Tencent Games and so on. It can be seen from here that this game is very liked by many people and it can be said that this game is extremely good. Currently, the last date for the Free Fire update is February 21, 2022, and the size of this game when it was first installed was 41 Mb.

The last version of this game is version 1.46.0, and requires version 4.0.3 and up for android devices.

The following is a list of the latest Free Fire updates:

The History of Free Fire's Beginning and Release

1. Kalahari (Full Map) Coming soon!

2. Double Magazine & Gloo Wall Gun are in Ranked mode

3. XM8 balancing stats:

– Damage increased by 30->33
– Fire Rate increased by 18%
– Magazine downgraded from 30->25

4. Balancing stats AN94:

– Range increased
– Recovery speed recoil increased
– Muzzle attachment slot removed

5. New Character – Steffie

The History of Free Fire's Beginning and Release

6. New Area – Training Grounds coming soon!

7. Added in-game teammate mute option

8. New Advanced Attachments for AWM & Plasma Gun

When viewed from the Play store, the Free Fire Game is:

The History of Free Fire's Beginning and Release

Is a best survival shooter game available on mobile. This 10-minute game will put you on a deserted island where you battle against 49 other players, with the goal of survival. Gamers are free to choose the position to start the game using a parachute, and the goal of all of this is to stay in the safe zone as long as possible.

Drive vehicles to explore large maps, hide in ditches, or become invisible by prostrating in meadows. Attack, shoot, survive, only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty.

Okay, that’s all about the history of the Free Fire game, thank you for visiting, don’t forget to check other articles too so you can find the latest tips and tricks about free fire, even on this website it also provides free fire cheat information that you can read and try. A few of the articles The History of Free Fire’s Beginning and Release.

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