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Spark AR Hub, Software / Application To Create AR Effects on Instagram and Facebook

Spark AR Hub — Maybe with so many Instagram users who can make their own Instagram filters, you’ll want to try it too. Who knew you could make your own Instagram and Facebook effect filters, right? Well if that’s the case then you need an application or software called Spark AR Hub which is part of Spark AR Studio. Why do we say application / software? Yes, that’s right, you can use this Spark AR Hub on your Android phone, iOS device or on your laptop. Read also: How to Use TXT Effect on Instagram.

Download Spark AR Hub

For your consideration, for example, if you want to use the Spark AR Hub, we recommend that you install it on an Android phone because it is more practical. But first, if you want to know what the Spark AR Hub is and the ins and outs in it, let’s discuss it together.

What is Spark AR Hub?

Spark AR Hub is product creators which is used to publish, manage, track and understand AR Effects performance across all Facebook-owned apps and devices. Spark AR Hub is now available to anyone with a Facebook account and can be accessed at Read also: How to Delete Watched Videos on Facebook.

When Should You Use the Spark AR Hub?

When your AR Effects are created, and you have all the assets you need to publish, you will use the export feature in Spark AR Studio to prepare your effects. When your export is complete, you can upload the exported file to the Spark AR Hub. From this point onwards, you will use the Spark AR Hub to manage your AR effects.

Where Can We Publish AR Effects?

When you upload AR Effects to the Spark AR Hub, you will be asked to select a publication destination, namely to Facebook or Instagram. Instagram is a popular Facebook-owned platform for Spark AR Effects – Facebook opened it up to everyone earlier this summer.

Depending on the destination you choose, your effect will be publicly available via the Facebook or Instagram camera when approved. One important note for you regarding approvals: all effects submitted must follow Facebook’s community standards and platform policies. Also, for Instagram, Facebook as the official owner has some great tips that you can refer to to help increase your chances of getting approved easily.

How Can We Promote and Share AR Effects?

Once your effect is approved, a unique link to the effect you have created will be created via the Spark AR Hub. Then you can use the link to share your effect wherever you want (for example, On Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, personal blog, social media accounts, etc). So when someone clicks on it, it will automatically open your effect on their Facebook or Instagram camera. Now, there are various ways you can use to further promote your effect to help people discover it and try it.

Download Spark AR Hub

If you want to download Spark AR Hub, please access the link or at Play Store and iOS App Store. Read also: Never Filter on Instagram, Here’s How to Get and Use It.

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