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Satsuke Free Fire Bundle Released on Magic Cube

Satsuke Free Fire Bundle — Maybe besides the Arctic Blue Free Fire bundle and the Heated Crust Free Fire bundle that survivors are looking for is the Satsuke Free Fire Bundle. The Satsuke Free Fire bundle is now being hunted because many survivors have already received the Magic Cube at the Booyah Merdeka event yesterday. As long as you log in and play for 17 minutes you will get a Magic Cube. Well then, many took the initiative to exchange the Magic Cube with the provided Bundle, one of which was the Satsuke Free Fire Bundle. Read also: When is the Arctic Blue Bundle Out on the Magic Cube?

Satsuke FF Bun Bundle

The Satsuke FF Bundle looks really interesting. As the name implies, this Satsuke Free Fire Bundle is similar to Samurai Ninja from Japan. It is brown in color and the character wears a hideous mouth mask. So if you are really interested in getting Satsuke Free Fire Bundle then exchange the Magic Cube that you got yesterday.

Satsuke Free Fire Bundle

Initially, this Satsuke Free Fire Bundle was released last January 2022 and had to be obtained with Spin Diamond Royale. But with the Magic Cube at yesterday’s event, you can exchange it easily. So you don’t have to provide a number of diamonds to buy the Satsuke Free Fire Bundle. Read also: Cool Heated Crust Free Fire Bundle.

while Satsuke Free Fire Bundle can be exchanged for Magic Cube maybe we call it a Free gift huh… Why? Yes, because the Magic Cube you get is also free. Don’t buy with Diamond.

Satsuke Free Fire Bundle Conclusion

If you want the Satsuke Free Fire bundle to decorate your FF character. Then exchange your Magic Cube. But if you are not interested in the Satsuke Free Fire bundle then just exchange it for another Bundle. Feels very useless if you just keep your Magic Cube without exchanging it for the prizes offered.

That’s our information about Satsuke Free Fire Bundle. Hopefully you can trade your Magic Cube for a Satsuke Bundle. Read also: www.yamisok/tournament Free Fire, the Center for the Free Fire Tournament.

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