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Roller Jackpot Free Fire, Garena FF's Latest Event

Free Fire Jackpot Roller — By participating in the latest free fire event titled the Free Fire roller jackpot, you will have the opportunity to get 9999 diamonds. Quite a lot of FF Diamonds when you spin in the Free Fire roller jackpot event. You can find detailed information about the Free Fire roller jackpot in the News. There you will see the Free Fire Jackpot Roller – Sultan slang ready to slide. Well this time we will discuss everything about the event in FF. Read also: Download Free Fire Advance Server APK.

FF Jackpot Roller

To be able to take part in the Free Fire roller jackpot event, you just need to visit the tab. Then you will be directed to the Roller Jackpot page. To make this event clearer, when you are on the page, just tap on the i sign at the bottom left of your screen.

Free Fire Jackpot Roller

Below, if you want to know the details of the Free Fire roller jackpot event, we will describe it below. Please see how you can spin your FF jackpot roller. Read also: Free Fire APK Server Beta, Login Advance Server Without Invitation.

FF Jackpot Roller Event
  • Click 1 roll worth 30 diamonds or 10 rolls + 1 worth 300 diamonds for a chance to get a street boy bundle, skater girl bundle or a 9999 diamonds jackpot.
  • You can change the choice of gifts with 10 diamonds. There are 2 different prize groups where you can get a street boy bundle or a skater girl bundle, respectively.
  • There are different opportunities to win each prize in the event, and we make no guarantees regarding the amount of opportunity to win certain prizes, except for milestone prizes, which can be obtained if you have played 10, 25, and 50 times.
  • Prizes will be sent automatically and entered into vault/collection/loadout. There will be no replacement of prizes for lost prizes.
  • If you top up, the voucher amount will be updated on this website after 15-30 minutes.
  • If you already have items at the last milestone, you will get 200 FF tokens.

So that’s a glimpse of the details about the Free Fire roller jackpot event. If you want to continue to spin the roller jackpot then simply be on that page and you can do it.

How to Get Street Boy Bundle and Skater Girl Bundle in Roller Jackpot Free Fire

To be able to get the street boy bundle and skater girl bundle prizes at the FF roller jackpot event, all you have to do is keep spinning. It would be better if you don’t spin your roller jack one by one but immediately spin 10 rolls + 1 with only 300 diamonds. This will provide a very large opportunity to get the main prize.

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