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Qimaxshop FF The Cheapest Free Fire Diamond Top Up Place

Qimaxshop ff — If you are looking for a super cheap Free Fire diamond top up place, we recommend that you go to @qimaxshop on Instagram. Qimax Shop Free Fire serves all types of Free Fire diamond top ups, from small to large diamonds. Read also: Rangers Voucher FF.

Qimaxshop Free Fire

Qimaxshop FF on instagram already has 32.1k followers. So it is quite famous even though it has only posted 12 submissions. Qimax Shop Free Fire was founded by @moz1la31. Therefore, if you want a cheap Free Fire diamond top up, just go to Qimaxshop FF.

Qimaxshop FF

You can contact the owner of Qimaxshop FF at the active number 0812 2270 8370 / 0812 2273 8930 active. If you want to buy FF diamonds from this place, just chat. Maybe the response will take a long time because there will be a queue, but when you are free, you will immediately reply. Read also: OneShopDM Free Fire.

Not only serving on Instagram, now Qimax Shop Free Fire has opened a branch on Shopee. You can go to So, if you are also a Shopee application user, this will be very helpful.

Diamond Free Fire Price List at Qimaxshop FF

The following is the price of FF diamonds at Qimaxshop FF.

  • 263 diamonds = 25000.
  • 807 diamonds = 75000.
  • 1350 diamonds = 125000.
  • 2750 diamonds = 250000.
  • 5563 diamonds = 500000.
  • 8625 diamonds = 750000.

This is the special price for the month of August belonging to Qimax Shop Free Fire. If you are interested, you can directly DM or send a WA chat to their admin.

That’s our information about Qimaxshop FF. Hopefully it can be a comparison of the prices of FF diamonds that you buy elsewhere, for example at Codashop / UniPin. Read also: Kiosgamer Free Fire.

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