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List of PUBG Mobile Verso 0.17.0 2022 Feature Launch Schedules - games

List of PUBG Mobile Verso 0.17.0 2020 Feature Launch Schedules – Good morning how are you today, this time we will discuss the features the latest to be launched by the PUBG Mobile game. For those of you who are curious to see the latest features, you can try & see the list of PUBG Mobile game feature launches version 0.17.0 2022.

The PUBG Mobile game since the end of 2022, millions of PUBG Mobile fans & players already know that there will be new surprises during the first quarter of 2022. According to Quint, the signal is getting stronger after Tencent Games throws some ‘items’.

In the virtual world, they become ‘disturbed’ because only a glimpse of the information circulating. Now, the puzzle related to the launch of the latest model, namely PUBG Mobile 0.17.0, is still an interesting discussion.

Several media issued their respective predictions regarding the launch of the full version of PUBG Mobile 0.17.0. Indeed, several teasers regarding the Beta version of the new PUBG Mobile label have been circulating on the internet.


List of PUBG Mobile Verso 0.17.0 2020 Feature Launch Schedules

However, on the other hand, the public’s curiosity about the mainstay of Tencent Games has not been completed. Quint predicts that the latest PUBG Mobile update will launch in the range of February 15 – 17 2022. Meanwhile, Esports Observer believes that PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 will be accessible to the public on February 12, 2022.

Apart from the official launch plan, some leaked material about the development of PUBG Mobile, has rolled out in cyberspace. Although not necessarily true, some features, modes, costumes and the development of new maps, especially Erangel 2.0, are magnets.
Currently the public is increasingly curious about what happened. Moreover, Tencent Games can only publish for the first time the beta version. Several patches have been seen, but they seem unable to answer the public’s expectations.

There’s a lot to be curious about, including the possibility of an extreme winter fashion, plus some brand-new garden areas. Tencent Games informs that the new PUBG Mobile variant will be released after February 11, 2022. As is known, on that date, the global server will temporarily shut down due to entering the routine maintenance zone.

Tencent Games has also notified several important points, such as the existence of special prizes for the ‘1st Anniversary Crate’ in the form of skin Kar98K & skin M762. In addition, there are also Guitar Backpack skins and Happiness Box Headgear outfits.

However, one thing to remember, some of the ‘crates’ can only be opened by using a few UC. In addition to the features above, several aspects that have been leaked to the public are related to new things in

PUBG Mobile 2022, also awaited.
Other Features

List of PUBG Mobile Verso 0.17.0 2020 Feature Launch Schedules

Welcoming Chinese New Year 2022, PUBG Mobile developers give lots of prizes & present interesting events. (Doc. PUBG Mobile)

Some of those that already exist in cyberspace are the presence of advanced drones, 90 Hz/120 Hz mode for HP Sultan, the presence of a color blind mode, domination & additional security tightening.

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