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List of Best Hero Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends

Dyrroth is one of the Fighter Mobile Legends heroes who has a very heavy lifesteal and his Crowd Control skill ability which is quite annoying for his opponent because Dyrroth has skill 2 ( Spectre Step ) which can slow down the opponent by 90%.

Dyrroth's skill 2 ability can also produce great damage and can blink . You can take advantage of this ability to chase or escape from the pursuit of your opponent. So the opponent will have difficulty locking Dyrroth 's movements.

Well, on this occasion we want to tell you some of the best heroes to counter Dyrroth in Mobile Legends. What are the lists of the best counter Dyrroth heroes? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

5 Best Hero Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends

1. Lylia

The first hero to counter Dyrroth is Lylia. As a Mage hero , Lylia can finish off Dyrroth with a fairly safe distance, because Lylia has a long skill range and has an AoE attack that can inflict enormous damage on Dyrroth.

In addition to being able to deal great damage , Lylia also has the ability to disappear at any time to avoid Dyrroth's deadly attacks. You can use this ability through Lylia's ultimate skill called Black Shoes.

2. Argus

The next hero to counter Dyrroth is Argus, because this hero has the ultimate skill ability ( Eternal Evil ) which can remove all debuffs and get Immune against death, for 4 seconds. So that Dyrroth cannot kill Argus, if Argus' ultimate skill is active.

Argus is also one of the strongest late game heroes in Mobile Legends , because Argus can produce enormous damage when entering the late game phase . Of course, Argus can easily kill Dyrroth during the late game phase .

3. Ruby

The next hero to counter Dyrroth is Ruby which you can use to easily lock Dyrroth's movements. Because Ruby has a skill set ability with deadly Crowd Control, one of which is Ruby's skill 2 ability called Don't run, Wolf King! .

Ruby's skill 2 ability can cause a stun effect on Dyrroth for 0.5 seconds, and can do a lot of damage . Ruby also has the ultimate skill ( I'm Offended ) which is able to pull all opposing teams towards her, and can stun them for 0.5 seconds.

4. Yu Zhong

The next hero to counter Dyrroth is Yu Zhong. Yu Zhong's ultimate skill ability ( Black Dragon Form ) is able to transform into dragon mode, later Yu Zhong will get Control Immunity and can increase his Max HP .

After dragon mode, Yu Zhong will transform into a half dragon and human that can damage Dyrroth area with an additional high lifesteal . So Yu Zhong had a very strong defense against Dyrroth.

5. Harith

The last hero you can use to counter Dyrroth is Harith. The skill set ability that Harith has can allow you to avoid Dyrroth's deadly attacks, because Harith has a lot of blink skill abilities and a long range of skills.

Harith also has a very short Cooldown Reduction (CD) ability. So that Harith can easily spam his skills in matches. Of course, you have to take advantage of this ability to spam skills on Dyrroth.

Well, those are some of the best heroes that you can use to counter Dyrroth in Mobile Legends. Hope it is useful!


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