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How to Play the Arisan Game on Shopee Easy

How to Play Arisan Game on Shopee – Shopee is a market place that is now often used by almost everyone to shop. There are many shopee features that are constantly updated, no wonder users feel comfortable using shopee. Also read: Easy Ways to Harvest Shopee Gold Trees.

How to Play the Arisan Game on Shopee Easy

On this occasion I will provide information about how to play the shopee social gathering game. Because this game is still new so not many people know. Therefore, read the article to the end.

For more details, go directly to the information on how to play the shopee arisan game below. Hopefully by reading this article you can find out how to play. Don’t forget to share this article with everyone you know who doesn’t know how to play.

Besides being used for shopping, shopee also has games to play. This can be for entertainment also we don’t need to download game applications anymore that take up a lot of storage space. Recently, the shopee social gathering game has become a favorite. Then what is a shopee social gathering game and how to play it?

Well, don’t worry I will provide the information in this article. Shopee arisan game is a game like arisan but does not pay. So we are looking for 7 members to play this game, the only task is to check. After everything has been checked in, we can draw the social gathering. If you win the lottery, you will get 10 thousand coins to claim.

Here’s how to play the social gathering game on shopee:

  • Open the shopee app.
  • Then immediately search for shopee games and open it.
  • Scroll until you find a shoppe gathering and kilk.
  • Before looking for members, first read the rules of the shopee social gathering game.
  • Please look for members, select invite friends at the bottom, you share the shopee game social gathering invitation link.
  • If you are the chairman, you must remind yourself to check every day, because the condition for being able to be drawn is that all members must check in on time.
  • After everything is checked, please vote.

With the above method you can already play the shopee social gathering game. My advice is to invite your friends who really know them so it’s easy to communicate. Because sometimes there is one friend in a group who leaves when he gets the lottery. So in this game, solid cooperation is needed, not just what you want when you get a lottery and then exit.

Good luck, good luck. Hopefully this article is useful and adds insight. Don’t forget to visit the Tekno Gallery to get the latest information from the world of technology. Also read: How to Vote Shopee Next Superstar Turns out like this.

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