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How to Get the Latest "SAVAGE" Title in Mobile Legends 2022 - games

How to Get the Latest – This time we will discuss about how to get the title “SAVAGE” In Mobile Legends, you can follow these methods and learn how to get the title “SAVAGE” in Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has developed into the most popular mobile game today in Indonesia. This is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) mobile game developed and published by Moonton.

This game, which can be played on Android and iOS platforms, has been successful in stealing attention since 2022. This game can be played by 10 people divided into 2 teams, and the duration of the game is around 15-20 minutes. That’s why we often hear the term mabar (playing together) when a group wants to make an appointment to play together. The main objective is to destroy the opponent’s base. If the main base of one of the teams is destroyed, the team that destroys it is the winner.

1. Criteria for Hero Mobile Legends Characters
Each player can choose the hero they champion in each round of the game, heroes can be purchased with top up diamonds or by using battle points and tickets. From the characteristics of the hero is divided into several types, namely:

  • Marksman: this type of hero has a strong attack power so it has a role as the main attacker in the game.
  • Tank: has a large base HP and Armor so that it can receive large damage from opponents to protect the team, especially marksman.
  • Mage: has a skill with such great damage that it can do a quick kill to the opponent’s hero.
  • Support: has a useful skill to keep the team and help the team when they are fighting.
  • Assassin: generally have skills that can kill and lock opponents, usually the targets of assassin heroes are marksman and mage because the blood owned by marksman and mage is very minimal and limited.

2. How to Get Savage

How to Get the Latest

Well, that’s it at a glance about the basic things that you will encounter in the Mobile Legends game. This time we will discuss tips on how to get savage. What’s that? Savage is a title given to a player if he can kill 5 consecutive enemies in a battle.

Savage can be obtained in every game mode in Mobile Legends. To get the title of Savage, of course you have to be good at using the hero used. Let’s go straight to the tips!

Compact with teammates, this includes important tips for getting savage because we will not get savage without the help of our friends, for example when you have killed 4 enemies and 1 enemy is left and then your friend can’t be invited to work together, you could be trashed by a friend you and you don’t get savage.

Speed ​​up leveling up, because your level in battle is very influential in damage, if your level is higher and the gear is ready and your enemy’s level is still below you, then it will be easier for you to kill him.

A few of the articles How to Get the Latest “SAVAGE” Mobile Legends Title 2022.


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