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How to Get an Easy Free Fire Callback Event

How to Get Free Fire Callback Event — The Free Fire callback event was back in December 2022 even though in June 2022, the Call Back event on Free Fire was released. We think the Free Fire callback method is the same as before. Therefore, if you don’t mind, please read our article related to how to complete the Free Fire callback event.

How to get Free Fire Callback Event

Call Back Free Fire means to invite back. Who was invited? Yes, your friend. In the past, your friends who played Free Fire and then vacuumed, now is the time for you to invite them to play again on Free Fire by going through the Free Fire Callback event. By successfully completing a callback on Free Fire, you will usually get a number of prizes.

How to Get Free Fire Callback Event

Garena continues to strive so that all players feel at home playing Free Fire, one of which is by bringing back the Free Fire Callback event. For those of you who don’t know how to call Free Fire, then you can read our article. How to get a Free Fire callback event is also fairly easy. Because every type of event like this always appears in the Free Fire in-game news. Read also: How to Get Free Diamonds Free Fire.

So in our view, if you don’t know how to callback this FF then no problem. You will quickly find it in the news section. However, if you are lazy to read, here is our explanation on how to get the Free Fire callback event.

Steps to Get a Free Fire Callback Event

In order to take part in the Free Fire callback event, please open it in the Friends section. Then open the Call Back tab. If your account is inactive for more than a week, you will be asked to enter an invitee ID. From here, just enter your friend’s ID or your own account ID. Next, tap on the Confirm button.

You need to know that the limit for entering a friend’s ID is only 2 times. If the friend you call back has completed the mission, then you can get the prizes offered.

That’s our information about how to get Free Fire callback event. If the callback event is not in your account, then try updating your FF application first. Read also: How to Get Free Emotes on Free Fire.

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