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How to be bulletproof in Free Fire, Cool Cheats - games

How to be bulletproof in Free Fire, Cool Cheats – good evening how are you today this time will provide interesting tips on how to be bulletproof in free fire, cool cheats. Those of you who want to be immune to bullets when playing this free fire game, must follow these methods because this method is very effective in being able to make you immune from enemy fire that attacks.

This time also provides tips without root, so by following the steps below, you can immediately be immune from enemy fire. This delicious game is not the newest way without Root, of course these tips are a solution for all of your friends in playing this free fire game.

Here are the ways:
1. First of all you Download the Special Apk and OBB
By downloading the special apk and obb files or mods, this file has already embedded an immune script.
You can download via the link below:

Download Free Fire Mod Apk

Download Free Fire Mod OBB Files

Make sure you download the two files above to completion so that the file can be used.

2. Run Free Fire Mod Immune
When your device still has the original Free Fire application installed, you have to uninstall it first. After that also delete the original obb file on your device.

3. After that, you can install the Free Fire apk mod that was downloaded earlier.
Then extract the obb file in the .zip file using the File Manager application and place it in the obb folder on your device.

4. If you have, please start running the Free Fire Game on your device then try playing.
Try to meet the enemy and let them shoot.
If this Free Fire cheat runs, your blood will not decrease even if it is hit by enemy bullets.

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