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Here's the Latest Update for PUBG Mobile Mode - games

Here's the Latest Update for PUBG Mobile Mode – This time we will discuss about the PUBG game, this game is indeed one of the coolest games because that’s how the players of this game are. So you have to play it right away. Here’s the update, where in early 2022, PUBG Mobile took several steps to add features, including various modes. In the latest update, PUBG Mobile provides the latest variant in the mode segment for iOS and Android.

Tech Radar released, in this 0.16.5 update, one of the new mode features that are present in the game is Domination. In this new mode in PUBG Mobile, players will fight in a new map called ‘Town’. The players will then be divided into two teams, red and blue.
Later, they will fight to seize enemy bases scattered at several points. The team that manages to beat the base according to the target will come out as the winner.

To support this mode, players will have the opportunity to access Super Weapons Crates. Players can choose and or pick up a variety of super weapons, such as the RPG rocket launcher, grenade launcher, and missiles.

Not only that, there is also a new training map with a Warehouse design that can be used to train weapons. Not to be missed, Royale Pass Season 11 comes with the Operation Tomorrow theme.

1. Additional Features
PUBG Mobile latest version

Here's the Latest Update for PUBG Mobile Mode

In addition, players will get new security features including a new button for download status. Currently, the PUBG Mobile update is available for download for players on iOS and Android.

Some time ago, PUBG Mobile also released an update for its players around the world. Through the update with the code 0.16.0, players will get a number of new modes.

One new mode is RageGear which is available in EvoGround mode. In this mode, the player must destroy the opponent’s vehicle to become the winner. Later, players will be randomized to share the role of a driver or attacker in one vehicle.

Each vehicle will be equipped with weapons, such as gatling, shotgun, including RPG. The team will get one point if it manages to defeat the enemy vehicle, and the player who reaches the target emerges as the champion.

2. Variety of Benefits
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Here's the Latest Update for PUBG Mobile Mode

While in PUBG Mobile Classic Mode, players will get a new mode called Snow Paradise. As the name implies, this mode will take a snowy location that covers the map of Erangel.

With this update, players can also switch between TPP and FPP modes while on the map. This option has been added for Classic, Arcade, and Training Grounds modes.

Another big change that is presented is the way players heal themselves in Classic Mode. So, players can use Med Kits, Painkillers, to Energy Kits simultaneously in one use.

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