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Here's How to Overcome Failed to Synchronize the Offline PMP Application 2022.11

How to Overcome Failed to Sync Offline PMP Applications 2022.11 — We will discuss how to solve PMP Offline 2022.11 sync failure. This is because many schools find PMP out of sync. Even though I’ve tried several times to sync PMP 2022.11 I can’t. Read also: How to Overcome the 2022 PMP Offline Application Cannot Login.

What you should know is that in terms of the appearance of PMP Offline 2022.11, there have been many changes. Therefore, for those of you who haven’t downloaded the PMP Offline 2022.11 application, download it first. Don’t forget, to log into your PMP Offline account, you also download the instrument to fill out the EDS and the Questionnaire.

How to Overcome Failed to Sync Offline PMP Application 2019.11

Even though it was released a few weeks ago. Lots of school operators have experienced PMP Offline 2022.11 application errors, for example Failed to Download PMP Prefill, Failed to Install PMP, Failed to Login PMP, Failed to Sync PMP 2022.11 and so on. Well here we will help you to overcome it.

In some conditions, the PMP application synchronization time turns out to be disconnected, the signal is slow or slow at the PMP 2022 application synchronization time. Be for how to solve PMP Sync Fail 2022.11 not difficult. You just have to read our article to the end.

Remember, when learning how to deal with PMP Failed to Sync, you just have to provide the file and download it. Don’t forget to save what you can easily remember. Okay, just look at how to solve the PMP 202211 application Sync Fail below.

How to Overcome Failed to Sync Offline PMP Applications 2022.11

We got a way to solve this PMP Failed sync from the FB group, so God willing, it can be used. We’ve shortened the tutorial below so don’t get confused. Read also: How to Register Dapodik Offline 2022.

How to Overcome PMP Offline 2022.11 Sync Failed

Previously you had to copy and paste the sync.php file. Our suggestion is to just backup the sync.php file in a place that is easy for you to remember. Download the sync file.php PMP Offline 2022.11.

If you have already downloaded then immediately follow our guide below.

  • Run / open the file you have downloaded.
  • Copy the sync file.php.
  • Please paste into Local Disc patch (:C) /Program Files (x86) / ESDKdasmen / dataweb / Sync.
  • Click Replace the old sync.php file.
  • Make sure the file is completely replaced with the one you just downloaded earlier.
  • Now you try to login to the PMP Offline and Refresh application.
  • Now sync your PMP Offline 2022.11 App.
  • Wait until it works.

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