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Here's How to Callback on Free Fire Easily

How to Callback on Free Fire — Recently Free Fire launched a new event called the Free Fire callback event. Maybe some of you finally ask what is FF callback and how to do Free Fire callback. If you are curious about this, then just keep reading to get a clear explanation of how to callback on Free Fire. Read also: Cool Free Fire Pet Names.

How to Callback Free Fire

Actually, to be able to learn how to callback Free Fire is not difficult. Because last year, Free Fire also held a similar event that required survivors to make a callback on Free Fire. Just read our tutorial below on how to callback on Free Fire.

How to Callback on Free Fire

Lebaran is already over, so the Free Fire Eid bazaar event has also ended. However, Garena is not difficult to attract the attention of the survivors, namely by bringing the latest callback event on Free Fire. So how do you call Free Fire? This is what we will cover to the end today. Read also: Top Up Diamond Free Fire UniPin.

To be able to participate in the callback event on Free Fire, you as a FF player must tap the friends section > open the callback tab section. Remember, if you are inactive for about 1 week then you will be asked to enter your invitee ID. You can enter your own ID or your friend’s ID and then tap Confirm.

Rules for Callback Method on Free Fire

You are only given the opportunity to add your friend’s FF ID up to 2x. Now when your friends make it back in their FF game and successfully complete each mission then you will get a Weapon Royale prize and a Huntdown Box. Don’t forget to confirm by tapping Yes to take the prize.

That’s our explanation about how to callback on Free Fire. Hopefully our explanation can help you. Don’t forget to keep getting the latest information from us. Read also: Best Free Fire Sensitivity Settings.

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