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Free Fire Update 7 May 2022 Brings New Things

Free Fire Update 7 May 2022 — It turns out that the reason Free Fire can’t be played on May 7, 2022 is because there is server maintenance from 9.30 until it’s finished. Until when is the maintenance for FF May 7, 2022? This is also still ongoing so we also still can’t give a definite answer. However, reflecting on the previous maintenance, the free fire update took 10 hours. So how long does it take to update Free Fire 7 May 2022? Then what is it?

Free Fire Update 7 May 2020

The May 7, 2022 Free Fire update has brought many new things. You will not be disappointed after the FF update 7 May 2022 today. You just have to wait until this FF maintenance is complete. Therefore, we hope that you will patiently wait until the May 7, 2022 Free Fire update is completely finished with the addition of new things.

To find out more clearly the leaks of new things that were carried in the Free Fire update 7 May 2022 are as follows. Please watch to the end.

Free Fire Update 7 May 2022, What’s New?

Unlike the previous FF maintenance update, this time the Free Fire 7 May 2022 update is not a patch update. So this update will not bring new features. But even so the May 7 2022 free fire update still makes many FF players unable to enter the game.

What’s new after the Free Fire update 7 May 2022? Yes, of course there are many even though they don’t present new characters or maps. In fact, this update will make you satisfied. What’s that?

Let’s try to open it in the review below. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed with today’s 7th May 2022 FF update.

Free Fire Update List 7 May 2022

The new things that are included in today’s update are

  1. Server capacity was added to accommodate more players.
  2. The Kalahari map is now available in Clash Squad mode.
  3. Reducing the number of cheaters.
  4. And many others.

That’s our list of new things in Free Fire update 7 May 2022. Hopefully the information from us is useful. Don’t forget to keep up with the latest news from the gaming world with us. Also Read: MPG FF New Menu Mod.

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