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Free Fire Magic Shop is here. Let's Spin and Get Magic Cube

Free Fire Magic Shop — Free Fire Magic Shop is back at Free Fire. Please do spin as much as possible to get the Magic Cube in FF. In this Free Fire Magic Shop event, there are many prizes that can be obtained. For example, bundle sets, weapon lootcrate, scanners and name change cards from spinning at the FF Magic Shop. Read also: How to Get Special AirDrop Free Fire 3000.

Magic Shop Free Fire

And a very interesting prize at this Free Fire Magic Shop is the Magic Cube Fragment. When you later get some Magic Cube Fragments then you can exchange them for Magic Cubes.

Free Fire Magic Shop

The main Magic Cube prize at the Free Fire Magic Shop can be obtained by spinning and collecting 5 Magic Cube Fragments. The 5 Magic Cube fragments can later be combined into one in the merge fragment menu on the web event. Similar to the lucky summer event, to spin, you have to provide a large number of diamonds. Read also: Lucky Summer Free Fire Get Grand Prize 9999 Diamonds Free.

Here are the details about the Free Fire Magic Shop which was just released yesterday

  • There are 3 spin options that can be used to get Magic Cube Fragments.
  • Spend 50 diamonds for 1 spin, 450 diamonds for 10 spins, and 2000 diamonds for 50 spins.
  • Immediately collect 5 Magic Cube Fragments to be combined into a Magic Cube. This process takes only a few moments.
  • You can exchange Magic Cubes at the Summer Store for various attractive prizes, such as Bundle Legionaries and Bundle Valkyrie.
  • The prizes that you have obtained from the FF Magic Shop will be sent automatically and enter the vault/collection/loadout section.
  • If you topup, the number of diamonds will be updated directly on the web event in just a few seconds.

That’s a glimpse of the Free Fire Magic Shop. Immediately buy diamonds so you can spin and get very attractive prizes.

Summer Store Free Fire Magic Shop

When you have managed to collect 5 Magic Cube Fragments and combine them into a Magic Cube, then you can exchange them at the Summer Store FF Magic Shop. With just a Magic Cube, you can already choose the gift you want. Here are gifts that you can exchange for 1 Magic Cube at Summer Store Magic Shop Free Fire.

  • Bundle Legionaries.
  • Valkyrie Bundles.
  • Bundle The Streets.
  • Bundle Dunk Master.
  • 20 Weapon Loot Crate Valentine Scar.
  • 20 Weapon Loot Crate Underground Howl.
  • 20 Weapon Loot Crate New Year MP-40.
  • 20 Weapon Loot Crate AK Flaming Dragon.
  • 40 Weapon Loot Crate Violet Terror.
  • 40 Weapon Loot Crate Annhilator.

That’s all for our explanation about Free Fire Magic Shop. Enter immediately and do a spin to get attractive prizes from Magic Shop Free Fire. Read also: What are Toolboxes in Free Fire?

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