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Free Fire Sites That Can Hack Diamonds and Coins FF

Free Fire — Can I get free Free Fire diamonds and coins https free fire generator? Even though it is clear that the Garena system is getting better and better. You need to know that there are lots of scam sites that are looking for profit by providing additional services that can hack diamonds and Free Fire coins. In fact, after trying it, it’s just going around in the verification section. This is a feature of scam sites that deliberately trap users. We suspect that the site or people mention it with free fire is also like that. But it’s good if you prove it yourself then conclude. Read also: How to Unbind Free Fire Account from FB.

free fire generator com

Free Fire is quite easy to find. Just type in Google as we mentioned above, then you have arrived at the site and are ready to test whether it is really possible to hack diamonds and Free Fire coins.

Free Fire

If you are curious as we are, then you are in the right place because we will test this site to work or not. Or even a scam site that is looking for profit. Read also: How to Overcome Free Fire Exit Alone.

We will try to use a fake Free Fire username and use it on Android devices. The reason is, what you should know is that one of the characteristics of scam sites is that even if they are tested with any data, they will still work. We ourselves had time to try on various other sites, for example on Ceton Life, Live Extaf, and so on which were suspected to be Free Fire diamond generator sites.

How to Use Free Fire

As for how to use free fire as follows.

  • First access
  • Now select Diamonds Generator or Coins Generator. For example, just choose Diamonds Generator.
  • On the next page, we use a fake Free Fire username, namely Bagio. And the Device section we select android.
  • After that tap Connect.
  • As it turned out, the site responded and did its job. In fact, we do not have a FF account with that name.
  • Choose the number of diamonds from 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10000. We just choose 1000 as an example.
  • It’s the same with choosing FF Coins to be generated into your FF account.
  • Now wait for the process for a while. Until you have to verify manually.
  • When you click Verify Now, you will be given a survey to complete.

For your information, this survey is a strategy for scam sites such as free fire to earn money. They will earn if you fill the given surveys. This term is Paid to Survey. So when you go back and forth Verify Diamonds and FF coins that you expect, it will never be done. You’ll just keep filling out surveys that aren’t clear.

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