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FF Free Fire APK Server Beta, You Can Play Without Registering

FF Free Fire APK Server Beta — Free fire yesterday released an advanced version of the server where in this game you will get many new features that you can use, such as mini turrets that have great damage to kill enemies. The problem is now, even though the FF Advance Server has been opened, only invited survivors can enter the FF advance server and play Free Fire games on the Advance Server. Remember, Garena only provides 50 thousand invitations for lucky survivors. Read also: Free Fire Skin Tool Download.

Free Fire Server Beta

One of the advantages of the free fire advance server is that there are quite a lot, not only the price of a skin or a cheap bundle, which is only 1 diamond, but there is also a new Rafael character that you can try right away. Rafael is an FF character who has abilities that cannot be seen on the mini map when firing weapons. Besides that, this Free Fire Advance Server also carries a different display when you want to enter the game and while on the plane.

Free Fire APK Server Beta

In the Free Fire beta server, there are several new zones that you can later feel for example Poison. You can try this new zone on FF Advance so that it adds to your excitement when playing the Advance Server Free Fire game. For you survivors, of course you are curious and want to try the excitement of this game as soon as possible, for that you can try the application betaserver apk this is a free fire advance game that you can download and play without having to register or have an invitation to try the FF advance game. Read also: Here’s How to Enter Advance Server Free Fire.

How to Download and Play Beta Server Free Fire without having to register

Please try the Free Fire beta server as below.

  • First you need download betaserver apk Free Fire.
  • Then, after you have successfully downloaded it, immediately install the application.
  • You can immediately enter this FF server beta game and you need to register a new account that you want to use.
  • After that you can play the game FF Advance.

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